By @CJS200271


By @CJS200271

Deep as it can be. The truth hurts the most.

Chapter 1

Distorted Memory

Once upon a time there was an angel

She did shine, she did shine and she did shine

Somehow she got herself tangled

In his heart and in his mind

She lay down her wings and her halo

Then to the ground, to the ground and to the ground

Try as she might she couldn’t dim her goal

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

With the writing of the walls of the sky

There are thousands of reasons why

But the tangle had grown like a vine

And her heart knew it was time

She picked up her spade and an apron

With a smile, with a smile, with a smile

With every moment they were taken

Feelin fine, feelin fine, feelin fine

Dear heart, dear soul, dear memories

Please remember me

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