A Companion's Call

A Companion's Call

A short exploring an unorthodox interpretation of Death & the relationship one might have with this misunderstood being...

Chapter 1

“You’re early,” Reaper said with a hint of a smile.


“Had to speak to you,” came a rather sullen reply. 


Reaper looked up at the one whose soul’s been caught between two realms. He saw this lost one before him. Stiff and rigid in every sense. Not surprising. Although Grayson’s traveled many a time to the end of life’s spindle, it still greatly unnerved his senses. 

Using the butt of his sithe Reaper adjusted the few logs struggling to support the dwindling fire. He stood while watching the last of the flames smoke out, “Perhaps we should begin then.”

He extended a hand out to Grayson’s stoney form. Despite the reluctance reflected within his gaze, he grasped the gnarled hand extended to him. Then, with a swift wave of Reaper’s free arm, they both dissolved into a cloud of dust.

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