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By @NariNaka12

A Note

Date: 25 Mar 2016

Time start to finish: 1515-1530

To: Sahli

From: Nakamura

I am writing this note for you because I like or maybe even love you. When I first met you, I thought you would be an awesome volunteer teacher for the class. Each day I continued to see you, I learned more about you and started to actually like you more and more. Since you left to get your teaching license, it felt weird not seeing you there, and I started missing you being there. I started questioning to myself “why do you have to leave us”. When I heard you were subbing for a P.E. teacher from a classmate and friend, I got excited and hopefully that I got you as a sub one day. That day has came when you subbed for my English class. I got excited and wanted to say “hi” to you, but I feel like you do not give a **** about me because you do not know me as well as the those who were in the team. I hate that I liked you, and now, my heart aches for you and longed for being with you. I know you are out of my league and hopefully this crush on you will go away.

If you are able to read this little letter, I just want to be friends with you and hang out with other people. I do not want to pressure you to become friends with me and yeah. There, I wrote it to get it off my chest.

Nariko Nakamura

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