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a bitter partner

By @humansscareme

Part one

The first time I heard his voice I cried. He plays in the park every Sunday. A big crowd always surrounded him. Not for his lyrics or his voice but for his looks. Don’t get me wrong he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He was tall black hair always messy from him running his hands through it. His eyes so dark they suck you in. He always dressed nice. A black button-up and black slacks. His face was always set it a scowl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile. Sometimes when I go to the park to listen to him I get lost in his movements. He moves like a trained fighter. He’s light on his feet and his moves are fast but steady. And sometimes slow and seductive. You could get hypnotize just from watching him. For a year now I’ve gone to watch him. Even when it’s raining and no one’s out there he still plays and I’m always there leaning against the tree stump that once was a big tree. I’ve never talked to him. When he’s done playing he packs up and leaves and I sit there for a few more hours. He didn’t know it but he was my escape. Home wasn’t great and the only time I’m truly happy is when I listen to his music. But one everything changed. “You going to the park?” Leaning against the door frame of my room. I packing a blanket and some water in an army green book bag I’ve had for years. My brother has been trying to get me to buy a new one but why change something that can still be used? “Yep.” I sigh. He was quiet for a moment and I look at him. He was staring at the wall in a daze. He did that often. “Earth to Ace. Anyone home?” His eyes snapped to me and a soft smile formed his lips. “Why don’t you just talk to him, Marsh?” I roll my eyes and put my bag on. “Because it’s his music I go there for.” With that, I squeeze past my brother and into the kitchen him following. “I don’t think its just the music. Lake likes one direction but she doesn’t go to every concert.” He states crossing his arms over his chest. I roll my eyes. “That’s because it costs money” His eyes grew wide as he motioned to our kitchen. “I think we are very good with money. You know dad would give her money and even a private jet if its what his little girl wants.” He said. I wince and took a look around. We lived in a big house. It is three-four stories, more rooms then we really needed and all white. No pictures of family only expensive paintings to show off all my father’s money. I say house because it’s far from a home. Our mother was a stripper who had sex with a rich man for money. She got pregnant with me and Ace when she 20. She was never home and when she was was she was high or drunk. Soon the drugs killed her and we got sent here. Our dad thinks of us as charity. We just stay here but he lets us know every time he sees us we are just a ****** children and that the only reason he took us in was that he didn’t wanna look bad to the public. “Look I don’t even know this guys name nor have I ever had a conversation with him. It’s just-” before I could finish my sentence a loud boom sounded from the front of the house. Growing up in ****** neighborhoods me and ace gave each other knowing looks. He grabs my arm and lowers me behind the island and presses a finger to his lips telling me to be quiet. My heart was racing and my entire body was shaking. Another shot rang out and high pitched screaming from my guess the maids. and that’s when I really started freaking out. Tears poured out of my eyes and Ace shook his head. “It’s okay we’re gonna go to your room and out the window okay?” He whispers close to my ear. I nod and we start to crawl back the way we came from. He paused right before we crossed the large hallway. He peeked his head out to make sure everything was clear. He jumped back and his eyes were wide. “What?” I ask freaking out even more. He motioned for me to stand up. When I did he got behind me and covered my eyes with his hands. “Ace what-” He cut me off with a nudge and I started to walk. He whispered things in my ear like “Everything will be okay” And “I won’t let anything happen to you” When we finally made it to my room he uncovered my face and we ran in. He closed and locked the door. “What are we going to do?” I whisper. He took a deep breath and looked around like he was lost. Now was not the time for him to space out. I hit him on the shoulder. “Uh, it looks like I’m about to meet that singer of yours.” He started towards my window and popped it open. He held out his hand for me and I gladly took it. Thank god my room was on the first floor or we would be **** out of luck. He helped me climb out of the medium-sized window. It was a rainy Sunday and I almost slipped a few times on my way out. When I turned towards ace He was inspecting the window. I wince realizing my brother was almost 6’5” and Built. Someone started to jiggle the door handle then a loud bang sounded as they were trying to get in. My eyes widen as I grab the window sill. “Ace hurry up,” I say. He gave me a sympathetic look. “Go. I’ll meet you there okay?” A sob tore through me. “Shut up. That’s what they always say on movies and they end up dying.” I say. He laughs and grabs my hand. “Come on. You can fit.” I whisper. I jump when my bedroom door was kicked down. Aces face turned serious. “Go Marsha I don’t want you to see me like this.” He says. An instant later his once Bright blue eyes turned completely black. My mouth fell open as I stare at my brothers changing body. His brown hair turned black and grew to the middle of his back. “Run” He growled his voice rough and unrecognizable. A shot rang out and the sound of the bullet tearing through my brother’s flesh made me take a few unsteady steps back. Ace whipped around and stalked towards the man that now stood in my room. The man’s eyes widened and he dropped his gun. I didn’t wanna know what was going to happen next so I ran. What was that? It wasn’t my brother. But it was. I saw my brother change into that thing. How was that possible? And why has he never told he could do it? My mind was full of questions. I didn’t stop running until I finally made it to the park. I was soaked. My cloaths stuck to my body in very uncomfortable ways. My heart was racing and I was out of breath. No one was at the park but I could hear his voice. I finally felt safe. I ran toward the stage and when I saw him I stopped. Tears rolled down my face as we stared at each other. He no longer was singing. A grab two fistfuls of my hair and start to scream. I didn’t know what else to do. I collapsed to my knees. I screaming between sobs and deep breaths. The only other noise was the rain. I felt strong arms wrap around me and they held me against their chest. I screamed and cried until my throat was raw and they still held me. When I had no tears left I just sat there in silence. “He’s not here. He said he would be here” I whisper. I lean back to look up at the man holding me. His dark eyes stared at me curiously. He was silent as he studied me. “I…I was with my brother and then we heard gunshots and we snuck into my room but he couldn’t fit out the window… He told me he would meet me here and then his eyes..and his hair.” I say breathlessly. I don’t know why I was telling him this. I didn’t even know his name but I need to get it all out. “He changed. His hair grew and changed colors and eyes they were all black. His teeth…Oh my god, my brothers a vampire.” I deep rumble came from his chest and when I looked up at him he was laughing. “You think I’m crazy,” I say. “Well-” He started but cut himself off. He stared at something behind me. He didn’t look afraid but surprised and worried. “Holy ****” He whispered. My eyes widened and I look behind me only to utter those same words. My brother strode towards us still in that other form. He looked drained and tired. But the thing that really caught my eye was The blood all over his once blue shirt. I open my mouth to say something but I choked on my words. The man slowly stood and stepped in front of me. My brother and him stood face to face in silence for a good moment. Even though there were no words being said the look they were giving each other made it seem like they were having a full conversation that I wasn’t allowed to hear. “I’m Demarias. How long… How long have you been like this?” the man asked breathlessly. A soft growl started low in Aces chest but it wasn’t threatening. It sounded like he was in pain. “since the day I killed someone. Ten years ago” He says. My hand flew to my mouth as I stare at a man I once counted as my best friend. How could he hurt another person like that? He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He cares about others. Every allowance he gets he gives to some kind of charity. Demarias tipped his head up slightly. “Why did you kill?” We stare at ace waiting for his answer. His black eyes met mine. Tears choked his words when he said “Because our mom is a ****** person. She didn’t make as much as she wanted and one night I heard her talking to a man in the kitchen. She was gonna sell my sister for money and I freaked out. Shes my world you know? I couldn’t let a man take my sister and do gods know what.” He paused as he ran his hands through his dark black hair. “I grabbed the knife my mom used and I stabbed him. A lot. After that, I felt myself change. I didn’t know what to do. My body was going crazy my eyes would change back and forth randomly and my hair would stay the same length.” he stared at the ground. Yep, we lost him. “Will..will that happen to me? If I?…” I say. Demarious looks at me and a deep frown formed his lips. “No. if you were a demon I would know. We sense our own” He says. My mouth fell open as I stare at them. Demon? What was going on? “A demon? You guys are playing a joke on me, right? Demons aren’t real. What’s next your gonna tell me fairies and Witches exist?” I laugh. He shrugs an turns back to ace. You have got to be kidding me. “You are a Subcinctus demon.” He says. I threw my arms up. “What the hell does that mean?” Demarious sighs and holds out his hand. It’s better if one tells you.” I hesitantly grab it. He grabs aces and a second later we disappeared. Everything went black and I felt my bones start to shift. I was going to puke. What was going on? I land on my back. The pain was so bad I couldn’t move for a good minute. Demarious leaned over me. “Sorry I forgot you’ve never jumped before” He helped me to my feet and I wipe myself off. I took a sharp breath in when I looked where we were.

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