A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family

By @mischa143kelvin
A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family

They were different people from different lives. Destined to meet each other in an unconventional circumstances.

Chapter 1


A lonely Alpha found a baby boy in the woods

A snowstorm is brewing

Luckily a caring Omega found them almost freezing to death. The caring Omega called his bestfriend for help.

A grumpy and grouchy Alpha but he is a great doctor.

Then they stay at the house of a bubbly and enthusiastic Beta for the time being until the snowstorm has passed.

Along the way they meet a stranded young Alpha and his companion, a sweet Omega.

They have different life story to tell. But they have the same wish in their hearts. To be with the people who love and accept them for who they are?

Can these individuals be the one they’ve been looking for?

Are their fate is destined to meet each other?

or their encounter be the bond that they’ve been waiting for?

or a twist of fate mocking them that there is no happy ever after for all of them.

Let’s find out their journey to finding happiness.

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