The Interview/Chasing A Dream /Part One

By @oldiesmusic
The Interview/Chasing A Dream /Part One

Musical Biograhy Interview

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Chapter 1

Going to Jerry Lee's

Bobby Smith is a Guest on the George Espenlaub Radio Show. Bobby is a Singer and self taught pianist who being inspired by “Jerry Lee Lewis” and “Jimmy Swaggart” taught himself to play piano at age 16. Follow Bobby in this Part one interview as he tells his Journey to ‘Jerry Lee Lewis’ House and on down to “Jimmy Swaggart’s in Baton Rouge La, with his family and much more…. Radio host ‘George Espenlaub from the beautiful State of Delaware tried on a couple of occasion’s to connect with Bobby. With Bobby’s traveling schedule it was looking like they couldn’t get it done. But then , thanks to George’s know how and modern technology, they were able to connect. Bobby did the interview in a hotel from Illinois one evening through his blue tooth. Bobby tell’s how he pulled up in “Jerry Lee’s” driveway at 2:00 am in the morning knocking on the “Famed Rocker’s door. If you like music biographies and Dream chasing stories , you will like this. The Mp3 is Approximately One Hour and 20 minutes long. If your going on a long drive or just want to sit at home and enjoy it get the whole story. Cd is the place to get your download for only 99 cents. For information … George Espenlaub Radio Show Interviews Pianist Bobby Smith This Link for radio interview

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