What makes Math math?

By @Lolitzme_lit

What makes Math math?

By @Lolitzme_lit

Chapter 1


This chapter you will begin to understand the characteristics of math. Math is important to me, so I know that if I love it you will love it too! I hope you enjoy my book and hopefully you will get persuaded to also love math too.

About the Author ( 1ST PERSON)

Hi! My name is Catherine Wilson. I am the one who you may think is just not good enough to be an author. By doing math it allows me to open my feelings and my pressures of what I am trying to overcome. By using math strategies I try to speak my feelings out. Math REALLY makes me feel great. I love math.

Why is math so important mostly?

 “Math is everywhere. If you think you’re not going to use math, you’re mistaken.” Similarly, there’s a lot of practical applications of physics and biology. And to some extent that’s true. Having a good grasp on numbers helps us make sense of finances, probabilities, time calculations, etc. There are a ton of reasons why human anatomy is a pretty decent thing to know, and an understanding of basic mechanical physics tends to be a good idea in a world where we operate high-velocity 2-ton machines down interstate highways. But if that’s the real reason we’re taught the things we’re taught, why was I taught the chain rule? Or that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? The curriculum isn’t 100% practical knowledge. And I was curious what the value was in learning things that weren’t going to be applicable in my life.

Studying math and science is an exercise in accepting the unintuitive. Material is easy when it’s intuitive, but the really fun stuff happens when we leave that comfortable world. I think school makes the mistake of leading you to believe that negative numbers, fractions and logarithms should just make sense. Or that objects should behave as you would expect them to when studying mechanical physics in spherical vacuums. So when you encounter the unexpected, when you arrive at a solution that doesn’t make intuitive sense, you’ve got two options: Either you figure that your intuition is bad and derive the corollary that you’re bad at math and science. Or you realize that the world is so magnificently complex that intuition is not the best tool to understand how it all works. I think a lot of people opt for the former, but there is joy in accepting the latter.

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