Between reality and fantasy

By @Jawna09

Between reality and fantasy

By @Jawna09

Beau is a young 20 year old college student living in the town of Weston.Beau has fallen for Dylan Brightmore the town mayor's wife son.After Dylan has disappeared

Chapter 1

Chapter one

White columns stood tall, untouched with vines wrapped around them. The porch that was once supported by them no longer existed. The beautiful, two stories, home now a distanced memory of ashes. Amongst the ashes is a single brick wall standing toward the back of the house, with a white door leading straight to the backyard toward a beautiful garden, green trees, and a stone walk way trailing into the forest, was all still intact. 

 I walked over and placed my hand on the tree at the end of the path and smiled, as I watched the beautiful, rare blue roses slowly blossom on the vines, bringing the tree back to life.

  “Beau?” A familiar voice called my name. I turned around noticing mine friend standing there looking at me with worry written all over her face. 

“Avery, what are you doing here?” I asked startled. 

“I was just making sure you were okay. 

” Avery’s voice trailed. “You missed class.” 

 Concern washed over her face. I turned and gazed up at the tree and said, “It has been one month today and still no sign of him.” 

  Avery walked over and put her hand on mine shoulder, searching for the right words. 

  “Beau…” Avery spoke softly, “I don’t think he’s coming back. It’s time to move on… Come, we should get back before we get caught” placing her arm around my arm. We headed up the path towards the house. Avery suddenly stopped. I knew something was up. 

  There, standing at the top of path, with a smirk across his face, we heard a voice. “Well, well ladies. You know you’re not, suppose be here. And using magic? Tsk. Tsk.” He started to walk towards us. 

 I looked over at Avery. “Beau! Please, I didn’t know he was following me.” She says.

 “Grant, we don’t want any trouble…” Avery was good at looking sincere. 

“We were just leaving.” 

Quickly walking pass him, Avery motioned for me to follow her lead, But Grant steps in front of me, blocking my path to Avery. 

“I’ll let you girls go… This time,” Grant hissed. “Don’t let me catch you again. Oh Beau, I’m still waiting for that dinner.” He whispered with a devilish grin. 

  I could tell he was trying to read me, trying to break into mine mind as usual. The creep. I knew what he really wanted. I could see pass his fake smile, blue eyes and cocky bravado. I was one of the few girls in this town that had no interest in dating him. This only made him want me even more. He has always wanted me ever since Dylan introduced us. Being Dylan’s friend and all, you would think I would be off limits. 

“Hmm… Interesting… You can’t track him anymore.” He said, almost gloating. 

 Avery quickly pulls me toward her. I slyly glanced back to see Grant still watching me, like I was prey, a piece of meat. I didn’t like that at all. 

“So… You can’t track Dylan anymore, can you? Avery asked, already knowing the answer. 

“No. It’s like he just fell off the grid, just disappeared.” my voice was full of pain. “A few weeks ago, I could locate him, feel him and now I can’t.” I stared down at my fidgeting hands. 

 “That’s so strange. You two have always had such a strong connection. I’m sure he is okay, though.” Avery smiled warmly, trying to lighten the mood. 

 “Try not to worry, Beau.” Avery had such a comforting voice. The two continued their walk through the forest and back into town. 

 The small town, use to be filled with life and beauty on every corner. There was live music in the park during most evenings and colorful firework shows on the weekends. That seemed like so long ago. Before rules and curfews, back when mere mortals weren’t afraid of the magical beings. Back when Weston felt like home… 

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