Dance of the Waterlily

By @MikaMary
Dance of the Waterlily

Evelynn had to leave her home due to the fear of the king that witches were a threat. She fled in the woods outside of the country to live a peaceful life but fate just won't leave her alone and she found herself in more trouble than she preferred.

Chapter 1

Prologue - Oblivion

A knock on the door woke Evelynn up from her slumber on the chair. She quickly readjusted her long black hair before she stood up. Carefully Evelynn held the heavy dark red dress up so that she wouldn’t trip. She hurriedly opened the door after the second knock that was more forceful than the first one. An officer in a blue uniform appeared, his face hard and emotionless. Behind him were two other men with bows that stood straight there without even a blink.

“Are you Miss Evelynn Phoenix?” The man in the front asked her whereat Evelynn nodded.

“This is me. What do you want?” She held her chin up high, the soldiers won’t intimidate her.

“We are the Guardian’s of Fordast. The king has established a new law which says that any witch and wizard has to leave the country immediately,” he told her. Evelynn’s eyes widen. “We are here to accompany you out of the country.”

“And where do I have to go? There are only the woods left and nobody survives there!” Evelynn asked. “It’s like a death sentence upon all of us.” She spit out in front of the men who immediately whipped their bows out and pointed at her but Evelynn didn’t stop. “I lived here longer than all of you, even before you were born and still you want to chase me out of my home!”

“Yet you still look like you are in your late twenties and that is not acceptable. Please, come with us now, Miss,” the officer said.

“You always came running to me when you needed help, I helped more people than you even though you are the so called Guardian’s of Fordast!” Evelynn took a step forward and was only an inch away as she glared at the officer. “Fine, I will go. But when I leave this village the people will become sick and the harvest bad because my protective spell will leave with me,” she threatened. “Just never come to me again. You will see how you can’t solve your problems on your own without any magic help, you little low lives!” She yelled.

Two soldiers stepped forward but Evelynn hurried to the stall in her little garden, grabbed quickly a big coat and mounted her splashed white brown horse, Cary. Luckily she always had Cary saddled up in case there was an emergency so she didn’t have to go back in her house. In the saddlebags was everything she needed for a few days.

It’s a real shame with the herbs and potions though, she thought.

As Evelynn galloped through the only street in the village the people waved and yelled her goodbye which she returned with a smile. At least a few people will miss her. At the end of the street, before she could leave the village, a middle-aged couple stopped her.

“Please, stop!” The woman cried. It was Mrs. Marston as well as her husband. She held her 4-years old daughter in her arms. Evelynn looked back but she didn’t see the soldiers so she stopped. The villagers watched her and then blocked the view.

“What is it? I don’t have much time,” Evelynn asked. “The soldiers will be here soon and the villagers won’t be able to distract them for a long time.”

“I know,” Mrs. Marston sobbed. “But we need you to take our daughter Mia with you.”

Her husband embraced her from behind as both of them cried silent tears. Evelynn froze.

“You told us she wasn’t strong enough to survive because her body was too weak,” the woman said with shaky breaths. “You used a spell to keep diseases away but if you leave now she’ll probably die from a simple cold.” At this thought she let out a high cry which shattered Evelynn’s heart to pieces. “Please, take her with you and protect her. We don’t want her to die and if we have to give her away so that she can live then we’ll do it. We would do everything! Please, I beg you, please, take our daughter with you. Please…” Mrs. Marston couldn’t talk anymore as sobs shook her whole body. Evelynn looked at Mr. Marston.

“Are you sure about it?” She asked in a serious tone. The man only looked at her, eyes filled with tears, as he nodded.

“Then I’ll take her with me. I will keep her safe and healthy,” she promised. They let go of their daughter and Evelynn immediately heaved her up. Now the small girl began to cry as she noticed she would leave her parents. She tried to jump from the horse but Evelynn held her in place.

“Hey! Stop this woman, she is dangerous!” The officer yelled. “Witch, give this child back!”

The soldiers were running through the villagers towards Evelynn. Said woman looked back the last time, waved at the people and spurred her horse. Cary jumped and galloped out of the village on an open field. The soldiers aimed with their bows at Evelynn who dodged every arrow. Mia in front of her was buried in the big brown coat Evelynn wore. She pushed Cary to her limits until they reached a forest in which they were able to slow down. Mia sobbed and Evelynn stroke her hair to calm her down a bit.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. You are safe with me,” she said softly. “Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.” There was nothing else she could do right now.

It will take us a few hours before we are finally out of the country. This forest kept the guards away but I don’t know if they will search for me. I have a little girl with me after all. Evelynn looked sympathetic at Mia. Poor thing, I can’t even let her rest for the next day. She will miss her family so badly. I hope I don’t lose her to this.

In the village the people noticed with astonishment that the house of Evelynn was already a ruin as if it stood there for a century. Her property was useless, everything was too old. The only thing that was left were herbs that sprouted there and only there. In memory of Evelynn and their daughter Mia, Mr. and Mrs. Marston started a herbal store with the herbs of Evelynn’s house. They hoped to see their daughter again but little did they know Mia will return.

Only long after they already died.

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  1. Mica18R

    OOOH I love stories about young witches! I love how this story is going so far! I’ve actually just posted the first few chapters of the novel I’m working on too and am looking for feedback and/or advice. I’d love to swap stories with you if you like, I’d be happy to read the rest of your book and give some good feedback. My novel is called “Graying the Lines,” if you want to check it out, Thanks! Happy Writing!,

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    1. MikaMary

      I would love to swap! Any feedback is welcome especially because I am not a native speaker. I will read into your story as soon as I find the time!
      Thanks for offering and reading my story! I can’t wait 🙂

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