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A knock sounded at the door. I placed a kiss on Victoria’s cheek and stood to answer.




I awoke, and I noticed voices coming from the other room. I bounced out of bed, excited at the idea of a visitor. I peeked around the corner of the doorway to see Roman standing next to Alex, talking in hushed tones.




“Alex, I was looking for Victoria,” said Jace. He was the new Alpha, and you could tell by his stance, which was dominant, and by his strong tone.


“Why, what’s-“ I began to question.


“Oh, and, before I forget, Ava and I are completing the mating ceremony tonight.”


“Uh, that sounds… nice.” Whatever he said.


Jace chuckled. “It’s where she officially becomes the pack’s alpha female and my mate.”


“Pssh, I knew that,” I said, rolling my eyes as if he’d just said “The sky is blue” or something equally as obvious.


The floorboards creaked behind me. I spun around to see Victoria standing behind me on her toes, smiling guiltily.


“Victoria. I thought you were asleep?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.


A cute, bubbly giggle escaped her perfect pink lips. “No. Your kisses were hard to resist, Alex.”


I smiled, shooting a wink in Jace’s direction. He just rolled his eyes, refocusing them on Victoria.


“I’ve decided on the newest beta and omega positions in the pack,” said Jace, still eyeing Victoria.


I knew that whatever he was saying referred to the standings of wolves in the pack. The top three were alpha, beta, and omega.


“Oh?” said Victoria, raising an eyebrow.


He nodded. “Yes, would you like to be my omega? I’ve already asked Roman to become beta.”




“I-I don’t know what to say, Alpha, I just-“



“Whart?” I asked.


“Jace. My name is Jace. You have permission to call me by my name, Victoria. There’s no need to be formal.”


“Oh. Okay, Jace. Well, I… Why would you pick me?”

“I thought a female’s brain would be nice to have. You’ve treated my mate well, and you were a great help to me, Roman, and Ava when you took charge and cared for her when she first arrived.”


“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked, honestly curious.


“Well, you demonstrated care for the pack, leadership, and still the ability to take orders when necessary. I think you’d be wonderful to have around, helping make decisions.”


I didn’t know what to think. My brain just seemed like a big pile of mush that was melting into absolute nothing-ness. “Uhh… Yes…?” I asked. I probably sounded like a freakin’ idiot.


Jace smiled. “Awesome. Well, see you two tonight?” He said, turning away and walking through the door.



I just became the pack’s omega. Was this even real? It had to be a dream. This was… insane!


As soon as Jace’s footsteps faded away, I pounced on Alex. We hadn’t been getting out much, seeing as we’d been, uhh, busy, with each other. Wink wink.


“This is good, right?” he asked, excited.


I laughed. “Yes!” Alex was so cute when he was all clueless about my world.




Infinity, Victoria, and Summer showed up at my house a bit later. Summer looked extremely uncomfortable, as she kept fidgeting and sat as far away from the rest of us as possible. We all tried to make her feel welcome and include her in the conversation, but, obviously, that wasn’t working.


She was, as Natalie had so politely put it, Roman’s new… toy.


Natalie must’ve been such a ***** in life. If we’d been alive in the same lifetime, she would’ve earned a smack or two from me.


Victoria was completely obsessing over the dresses. She said she’d gone to the main island and found some dresses, which were neatly stacked in bags and boxes.


Apparently, some dresses meant, like, twenty-five.


We were all roughly the same size, except Summer because she was a bit shorter than all of us. In heels, it made practically no difference.


All of the dresses were too puffy, too tight, too big, too small, too ugly, too pretty, too colorful, too patterned… Except one.


The dress was one of the last ones. I gasped when I saw it. I pulled it out of its box. I called to Victoria, “Help me put this one on?” My voice was soft.


The blue strapless dress was tight at the top, hugging my chest, the tightness going down a bit past my waist, and then it flared out into ripples, the fabric bunching in places. I looked in the full-length mirror, surprised at the person staring back at me.


My hair looked professionally curled, my eyelashes long, makeup dark. Between the makeup and the dress’s color, my blue eyes popped magnificently. I bit my lip, getting a taste of the pink watermelon lip gloss I was wearing.


I pulled Infinity to the side. “It’s Natalie,” I told her. She nodded in understanding. “She’s the one who’s been in the mirror for… well, since I came into my powers with Sammy, I think.”


She nodded. Infinity said, “Yes, I suspected… It’s so extraordinary… You’re a gifted Seer. Communicating with the spirits through reflections… Amazing.”


Infinity then drifted off to the other side of the room to select her own ress.


We were all ready. Summer had picked a beautiful dark red dress. It was tight and short, but there was another layer stemming from the chest, that swept down to the ground. A wide and long **** up the side of the thin fabric exposed one leg. On anyone else, the dress might’ve looked ridiculous. It looked absolutely perfect on her, though. Summer’s dark hair fell in waves around her angular, model-like face. She was having a hard time walking in the black heels, but we assured her she’d be sitting throughout the ceremony.


Victoria had chosen a light pink, dress that tied around her neck after crossing her chest, silver beading lacing the fabric. The dress showed off her curves, with more silver detailing on her chest. The floor-length gown was elegant, draping over her body. She was wearing white platform heels, a white pearl necklace, and a matching bracelet and set of earrings.


Infinity was wearing a long, flowy, strapless light lilac dress with a darker purple tie at the waist. It was simple, yet absolutely beautiful. Her hair was up in an elegant bun, showing off her green eyes. Her black ballet flats matched the dress beautifully.


To say the least, everyone looked stunning. The other girls from the pack, Jessica, Allison, and Caitlyn, all dropped by. They looked absolutely gorgeous as well.

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