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Ava obviously didn’t understand that the problem wasn’t her resistance to the ceremony, but my nervousness about causing her any kind of harm.


I hated myself for hurting her every time we touched. I wanted to rip off my own hands whenever I made the mistake of placing a finger on her.


I’d silently sworn to protect her, but how could I save her from myself, especially when I wanted her so badly?



I waited for Jace to do…something. However, his face remained completely blank.


I bit my lip. What if Jace didn’t actually want me to become his mate? What if he was completely regretting everything?


Jumping up from the couch, I pushed open the door to the bathroom and hurried in, staring into my own reflection.


Jace loves me, I reassured myself.


Are you so sure, Ava? Jace never loved you. And Roman? Roman lied about everything. They were both just looking for a toy. You, you were the toy. Roman, he has a new one, though. Don’t you worry, the voice in my head whispered. I stared into my own gaunt, tired eyes. The ocean-blue color had faded to a graying hue.


Roman only wanted you to take his mind off someone that you were fortunate enough to look like. And Jace was always jealous that Roman got that girl. My reflection showed a sinister smile while speaking, though I was completely sure I wasn’t moving my lips.


That beautiful, beautiful, sexy, wonderful, fun, devious girl. The one who everyone desired, but no one attained.


Me. An evil cackle followed that last word.


I gripped the sink, a growl escaping my throat. Everything had been a lie- Roman, Jace, everything. Even Alex.


It was all a game. None of them ever cared for you, Ava, the mirror whispered in my head. Roman, Alex, Jace, none of them love you. 


Tears formed in my eyes, though I couldn’t tell by the reflection.



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