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      I wasn’t sure if I’d made the best decision. After all, maybe Joseph hadn’t wanted to give Jace his note. But why wouldn’t he? my mind questioned.

           I had to admit, I could not find any type of answer to that question.


           I rubbed circles on Jace’s back. After reading the note over his shoulder, I understood why he was refusing to look at me- or, at least, I thought I did.

            The Seer told me that she saw you and Jace battling- against each other. One of you will die. I couldn’t stop reading that line. The words just tore into my heart, like tiny daggers digging farther and farther into my chest.

           I didn’t even know which one I wanted to win, if it came down to a battle to the death. How could I choose?

           I loved them both, even if Roman was extremely frustrating. And I felt like a total ***** for it. If I was back at home and everything was normal and I saw a girl trying to decide between two guys, I would’ve called her a ****. A *****. Shallow. A *****. Stuck-up.

           But here I was. Karma’s a *****, ain’t it?


       When Victoria and I finally decided to leave the beach, the sun was setting over the horizon. I grabbed her hand and pulled her along, our feet digging into the sand below us.

           The entire day, I forgot about Ava. I felt like I might be able to just think about her as a friend again. I loved Ava, and I probably always will, but Victoria was nice, funny, gorgeous, interesting, immortal… What more could I ask for?


           I simply sat on the couch, hands folded in my lap, and tried not to think. Of course, all I seemed to be able to do was think.

           I wanted Ava to want me to win the fight.

           But I didn’t want the fight to even happen.

           Though, if I win a battle to the death, Ava wouldn’t have to choose between-

           No, no. I cannot afford to think like that. Joseph said we had to stick together. I realized that I’d clenched my hands into fists. I sighed and released them, the stiffness floating out of my fingers. Why didn’t he pick me for Alpha? I mean, everyone always assumed Jace would be picked but…

           I’d been hoping. And Joseph had let me down. A lot of people seemed to have been doing that lately.


    My life was falling apart. If it ever came to a battle between me and Jace, I’d let him kill me. The thought popped into my head before I could stop it.

           It was true, after Natalie, until Ava came into my life. I felt like I had something to really live for- something that I didn’t have before.

           I was in love with her. Maybe it’ll be better for her, easier for her, if you die.

           No! I’m not leaving her.

           Maybe it’d be better to avoid this by… running.

           My mind wasn’t suggesting I go on a short jog to think. No, I was actually considering running away. Joseph had said to stick together, but that didn’t mean that it was what is best. He always was ignorant. He formulated thoughts too quickly. If he just stopped and considered things…

           Maybe running away is just in everyone’s best interests. Ava can’t stand me. I’ll never be Alpha. What’s the point?

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