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 My eyes blinked open sleepily. I rolled over, finding Roman gazing at me. I smiled and whispered, “I could get used to this.”

He pulled my face to his, leaning in. I thought Morning breath. Easily enough, though, he made me forget everything, and I was just kissing him back. When things started to get too heated, I pushed myself off the bed and rolled onto the floor, my hair splayed out behind me. I smiled up at Roman from my little spot on the ground. He laughed.

Bang… Bang, bang, bang

I jumped up, and Roman sped out of the room in front of me. Alex was at the door. Aw ****, I thought, tears springing to my eyes as I thought of what Alex would do- and how ****** he’d be.

I pushed Roman in back of me and pulled the door open. The hurt in Alex’s eyes was too much to handle. The tears fell freely down my cheeks. I rubbed under my eyes with my wrist, ridding my face of the tears.

But they kept falling, like water from the clouds on a rainy day.

Alex’s face morphed into one of disgust as he turned on his heel and stomped away.

           I spun around and collapsed onto Roman as he held me. 


   How could she do that to me? I thought. My hand itched. I wanted to curl it up into a fist and punch it though Roman’s face. **** it, she’d barely been wearing clothes! And he was just in boxers.

            What the **** is wrong with her? And why the **** would he- Oh wait, I know why. Because she’s too ********* amazing. God **** it. I hate wanting some one who is so clearly in love with some other guy. I shouldn’t have to deal with this. 

           She never asked you to deal with this, I thought, my thoughts a quiet whisper in my head- as soft as the trickle of rain drops pitter patter-ing on the roof. I ran my hands through my hair, ready to rip it out of my head.

           I retreated to the old cabin and started making breakfast- more bananas, this time with some stale, dry cereal. De-*********-licious.


      As soon as Alex had gotten back and I saw the tears in his eyes, I knew that he needed some time, uh, alone. I also knew where Ava had gone.


           Anger seemed to flow through my skin like water through a river, like the blood going through my arteries.

           A growl escaped my throat, and I pushed the door open and ran outside. I jumped off the bridge- no time for safety precautions- and rolled onto the sand, until something made a loud noise against my head, which began throbbing.




       I grabbed Roman and forced my lips onto his- though I don’t know if “forced” is an accurate term, considering the fact that he just pulled me closer, pushing me against the wall.

           I wanted to forget all of the complicated issues popping up in my life. I pushed Roman on to the bed and crawled on top of him, his kissing drowning me.

           “Roman…” I whispered.

           “Hmmm? You want to stop?” He halted in his actions and took my chin in his rough hands, tilting my face so that my gaze met his.


           I was surprised to see that she wasn’t mad. I mean, I figured she was just sad or whatever about Alex. Hey, I was cool with making out with her. ****, I could kiss her for the rest of my eternal life and be perfectly happy. I loved talking to her, but ****, she was a pretty great kisser.

          She wanted to forget. I get that. It’s not like I haven’t felt the same way before. But if she wanted to stop, I wasn’t going to push her.

           She exhaled. “No… Of course I don’t want to stop, but… Roman…” she started. “We need to talk.”

           My world shattered into a million pieces. “We need to talk”. Wasn’t that the line famous for break-ups, followed by “We can still be friends”? I immediately thought, **** it, I saw this coming. I knew it. S**** bail so that she can be with Alex. Or Jace. God, if she picks Jace… I don’t know what I’ll do. I can’t lose myself over loving some girl again.

           I can’t. I’ve been through it already- centuries. And what are the chances that I fall in love again? Zero. Definitely zero. There’s no way anyone could ever make me feel like Ava does.

           I won’t ever be able to love anyone else, I decided.

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