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  I held her hand, leading her to the cabin in the more secluded part of the village. It wasn’t as big as Infinity’s, but she was the Alpha’s daughter, after all- only the best for Infinity.


           I closed the door behind me, pulling the curtains. Ava was pulling off her sweatshirt when I entered the little bedroom. A queen-size bed took up nearly the entire room


            Roman looked worried. I narrowed my eyes and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

           He sighed. “Do you want me to sleep on the floor?”

           I laughed. “What floor?”

           He shrugged. “Just being gentlemen.”

           “This is the twenty-first century. As refreshing as that is, I’m tired. Just come here,” I said, opening my arms up for a hug.


           Her hair was windswept, leaving the waves messier than usual. I gave in, climbing onto the bed and running my fingers through her hair lightly. Her lips slightly parted and eyes partly opened, she looked like a porcelain doll, too fragile to be handled by me. A monster.

           I shook the thought away, a growl escaping me. I forced my lips onto hers, feeling the burning sensations shoot through my body.

           Minutes later, I pulled away and kissed her forehead. I folded the covers under her, tucking her into bed next to me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, and she rested her head in the crook of my arm.

           Half asleep, she mumbled, “Love you, Roman.”

           Suddenly alert, I clarified, “What?”

           But she’d already dozed off.

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