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  I wanted to rip his eyes out. Roman was **** lucky I was busy with the boy, Alex, when he kissed her. I’d seen the whole thing. When she passed out, I wanted to throw the kid overboard and run over to Ava, hold her in my arms, and quietly beg for forgiveness. However, my pride would not let me. And, apparently, neither would the boat- because at that very moment, it decided to capsize, throwing all of us into the dark ocean below.


           As soon as the boat took its last tilt, I knew we were going overboard. I grabbed onto the railings, wrapping my body around Ava. When the ship’s side was in the air, I leaped out, into the ocean, taking Ava with me. I broke her fall. I had absolutely no sense of self-preservation except that, in order to keep Ava alive, I’d have to stay alive myself.

           I kept her head above water the entire time. Don’t ask how; it wasn’t easy. All I knew was the single thought taking over the rest, Don’t let her die, RomanDon’t let her die, Roman. Don’t let her die, Roman. 

           In truth, that was, most likely, what kept me- us- from dying a very air-less, wet death.


           The whole world was a simple black, vast, darkness. And the darkness was blocking out my thoughts. I could barely register the fact that this was not how it was supposed to be- the blackness, that is. The entire world was black. When I told myself, Move your arms. Raise them into your view, the thought didn’t reach my body. Instead, my arms were heavy and impossible to move.

           Ava. Ava. Ava. Ava, I heard, the echo being repeated again and again. Oh, Ava¸ I thought happily, that’s… my… name.

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