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 The boat was tipping, moving to the side, Roman’s body blocking my view of the rest of the ship. All I could see was the vast, never-ending ocean. I heard Jace’s voice from somewhere. “Ava’s okay?” he yelled, sounding too far away.

           “Yes, she’s fine! Get Joseph,” he replied, screaming in my ear.

           Alex was…somewhere, too. “Ava-“

           “Not now, kid. Just get to the other side of the boat.”

           “Roman,” I whispered, sounding like a child, “what’s happening?”

           He breathed heavily, then said, “Just… stay calm, okay? I can see the island from here.” He raised his voice and yelled to whoever was listening, “I see the land! Jump ship, we’re headed for it!”

           I twisted awkwardly, so that I could see his face. “What do you mean ‘jump ship?’” I demanded, the worst possibility entering my mind.

           He smiled apologetically and nodded toward a single lifeboat. “Alex, get the lifeboat!”

           Roman leaned down and kissed me, long and hard. At first, I tried to resist, but… there was really no point. He kissed me until I was so breathless, everything turned black. The last thing I remembered seeing were his gorgeous brown eyes.

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