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   Why can’t she see how sorry I am? What… How can I prove to her that I didn’t want to take away her life? I’d do anything for her to get that disgusted look out of her eyes whenever they’re on me. It sends shivers down my spine, and the guilt is eating me alive, I think, running my hands through my hair.

           All of a sudden, I heard a crash, followed by a sploash! I darted out of my hiding spot and hopped up onto the rail, scanning the water’s surface.

           I noticed multiple rings, seemingly the result of a large splash into the water.

           Joseph’s head rose above the water, gasping for air. His eyes were wide, and I could see him staring at me from the distance. “Get Jace! And the girl! Someone’s messed with the ship! It’s a trap!” Then, he was pulled under the water.

           One of the things that could kill a werewolf? Being drowned or deprived of oxygen. We were, after all, half animal half human.

          Immediately, I began screaming, “Jace! Jace, get the **** over here.” The ship began titled toward the opposite side. “Ava! Ava! Avva, where the hell are you!”

           I heard a scream from the other end of the boat. Silently cursing myself, I hurried over to where I’d heard the noise come from.


           I was clinging to the railing, trying not to let it tip over. Suddenly, I felt muscular arms wrap around me, holding me in place. When I titled my head to try to look up and see who it could’ve been, I heard Roman said, “Damn it, Ava, don’t move. And don’t let go.”

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