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By @Olivia7053


     Ian found himself starring through his bedroom window in the middle of the night wondering if he would ever meet his dad. His dad left when he was four and his mom never told him why. All she ever said was 

“Ian, everybody has their reasons but I need you to know that he didn’t leave because of you.” 

Ian always tried to believe that but sometimes he couldn’t help to think that he could have gotten him to stay. 

     In the morning Ian woke up and felt like every bone and muscle in his body was frozen and couldn’t move. Finally, he built up the energy to roll out of bed and get some breakfast. Ian’s mom hadn’t gotten her paycheck yet so all he had was Captain Crunch, but Ian wasn’t complaining. Once he was done his breakfast he looked for his mom. First, he looked in the living room.

Not there.

Then her room.

Not there either. 

He continued to look until he finally came to the front door where he saw a note on the door that read…

Dear Ian, 

I had to go to work but I will be home at 7:00. The lunch money is on the counter and dinner is in the fridge.

                                                Love you, Mom


       Ian was fourteen so he was old enough to stay home alone but no matter what happened, Mama always made sure she was home before 8:00 and always woke up early to make Ian his dinner if she wasn’t going to be home before 6:30. And even though he knew that she had to work to keep clothes on his back, food in his mouth, and a roof over his head he didn’t enjoy being alone in the morning and eating alone at night. 

          He was so content in his thoughts and memories of his mother that he forgot all about school! How could he have forgotten? He ran as fast as he could before he finally arrived at school. Ian is in his first year of high school and he has only been going to his new school, West Shores for a week but that was enough time to know that his principal would not “let it slide” for being 5 minutes late. So he decided to use the theatre entrance around the back because he knew there were no classes there until the second period at 8:30. He snuck in as quietly as he could and he thought he was doing good, he had already passed the auditorium and he was making his way to the stairs when he heard the all too familiar voice of his principal yelling his name.


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