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Chapter 2

“Is this some kind of joke?” I asked loudly, even though my heart was thumping quickly. Already I was beginning to see similarities between us.

“N-no, it’s not. I swear.” She flinched at my loud voice. I opened the door wider, gesturing for her to come in.

I pointed her to the living room, before heading upstairs.

“Mum?” I knocked loudly on her bedroom door. “Mum it’s Lola. Lola’s here.” I heard all movement from the other side of the door stop. Then Mum started to shuffle towards the door. I headed back downstairs, not waiting for mum to come out of her room.

A minute later, we were all gathered in the lounge. Mum was hugging Lola, sobbing into her shoulder. I was just staring at them with a stony expression.

Then I said, “she’s not sleeping in my room.”

Mum turned to stare at me, as did Lola. Except Lola looked rather accusing.

“Well she’s not! She can’t just barge her way back into our lives, and expect things to be the same as she remembers.” I was refusing to speak to Lola directly. “Look at what she’s done to us, to you. It’s not the same, and she’s not going to be the little six year old you remember either mum. Look at her, she’s fourteen now.” Then I did speak to Lola. “You’ve ruined our lives. You have, you really have. I hate you, can’t you see? I don’t want you here, and neither does mum. Mum wants her six year old daughter back, not you. So why don’t you just leave. Go on, leave!” I was crying and shouting now. She was ruining everything, even more so than what she’d already done.

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