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By @WarriorsWOF


Elves and dragons have been at war with each other for centuries. Over a stolen egg, “Cursed” by the magic users. The element users, dragons, fought to find the egg, but failed. Now, war has raged on for a century, and only the lost egg can end the war.

Alya raced through the woods, a dragon egg clutched in her hands. She had been asked to see the future of the dragons.

In this egg.

The omnibus elementis egg, or egg of the elements.

Future ruler of all the dragon tribes.

But Alya had seen a dull and a dim future, the egg destroyed.

The dragons in chaos, forever.

But as she approached the unknown wildlands, she, Alya, blessed with the gift of the future, now saw hers coming to an end. It was quickly approaching, she had to get the egg to safety, she ran toward the fire mountain, Os Ignis.

The one place where few would willingly follow.

At the top, death met her, overwhelmed by the monsters of earth.

And the egg fell, into the pit of fire.

The last thing Alya saw, was the egg drop,

and the truth, died.

But there is always hope.


Araminta hid behind a stone, as another ball of fire shot past her, setting the area to her left ablaze. Her once peaceful home was now filled with flames.There were people rushing around the streets, trying to escape. Soldiers who wielded wooden swords, and archerers with dull arrows. Which, is probably the wors village defense if you are fighting fire dragons. Araminta couldn’t help but smirk, at the chaos. A group of soldiers charged at the dragons, and their swords were set on fire, the moment they touched dragon scales. The soldiers fled.

Ignis dragons. Fire beasts. Could set anything ablaze with just a small brush of their scales. The most common, and was usually found raiding elven villages, searching for the lost egg, even though, everyone knows that elves didn’t steal it! Araminta snorted. Dragons.

Suddenly, there was a burst of blinding blue light, a dragon roared. The magic elves had come. THe ones who perfected in the art of magic. Araminta was sure that she would become one of them. They were so powerful!.

Araminta was so caught up in the action, that she didn’t feel the claws on her shirt, until it was too late. She was lifted into the sky, and taken away, her destroyed village growing smaller behind her.

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