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The Story of the popular girl

By @Author2906

I woke up bewildered in the hospital. My sister Dylynn was sitting by me. 

“ Where am I?” I asked. I didn’t remember anything that happened.

“You are in the hospital. You got beaten up by your ex-boyfriend, remember?” Dylynn said. She looked like she was about to cry.

 “Oh,” I said.

I started to remember that I forgot to get the dishes done. My ex-boyfriend Angel who at the time was my boyfriend, came home drunk a few weeks ago, he saw that I didn’t get the dishes done then started yelling and beating me with a metal baseball bat. I don’t remember what happened after that. 

One of my friends knocked on the door.

“May I come in?” my friend, Scarlet asked.

“Yes, Scarlet please come in,” I responded to her.

“ How are you feeling?” She asked.

“I’m fine. I just have a headache.” I said.

I could tell from her face that she was concerned about me. The doctors told Dylynn that I could go. I was glad I was going home. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks. My sister took me home that day. My friend, Jimmy was in the house, I walked in and didn’t even look at him.

“Hey Bella. How are you feeling today?” Jimmy said. 

 I walked in to my bedroom, and closed and locked my door. I texted him and told him that I am fine. I started to hear strange voices from behind me. I quickly turned around and I was starting to get scared. Is my ex-boyfriend behind me? I wondered, I turned around frightfully and saw that there was nothing there. I unlocked my door and texted Jimmy asking him to come in my room and comfort me. Jimmy came in and held me close to him and sing me my favorite song, “You are My Sunshine.” I started to fall asleep. I was glad that Jimmy was next to me. I was starting to fall in love with him. I woke up the next day and took a walk around my neighborhood. I ran into my ex boyfriend. I didn’t know what to do.

“Hey Bella, look I want to tell you that I am very sorry about what I did to you few weeks ago.” my ex- boyfriend said

“I don’t want to hear it, and besides what happened is nothing. I don’t want you back okay?” I told him. Honestly what happened was something I was just trying not show that it bothered me.

“Fine Belle, you are worthless, useless, and no one wants to be with a cheating snobby brat like you!” he yelled and he pushed me onto the concrete, and left. I went home and told Jimmy what happened.

“Don’t worry Belle, he’s just trying to get to you, and besides you’re not really a cheating snobby brat,” Jimmy said as he hugged me.

“Thanks Jimmy, I don’t know what I would do without you.” I smiled and hugged back.

“Belle I got something to tell you.” Jimmy said.

“What is it Jimmy,” I asked. I was blushing so bad.

“I… I …I am in love with you,” he stuttered. I didn’t know what to say, my heart pounding so hard. I have had a crush on him since middle school. 

I finally told him, “I am in love with you too Jimmy.”  

Scarlet called me and I answered, “Hey Scarlet.” I said

“Hey Belle, so my boyfriend, Mike is throwing a party tonight at his house and I am wondering if you want to come?” she said with excitement.

“Sure, Scarlet I’ll come!” I said. 

“ Okay see you there” She said and hung up. 

I had roughly a couple hours to go shopping, take a shower and get ready. I went shopping and got a black short dress, and black high heels. I went home and took a nice hot shower. When I got out I got into my black short dress and black high heels. I did my makeup then I started curling my hair which it took a couple of hours to get done.

“Got to get going Scarlet is waiting for me.” I said to Jimmy.

“Okay Belle be safe I love you.” he said then kissed me

“I will promise, love you too.” I responded and kissed him back.

When Scarlet and I got there Mike came to us, he kissed Scarlet on the cheek. Scarlet was blushing.

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