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The elementals

By @Greekmythololgyfan

Chapter one

“Be back before dinner,” Said Jacob’s mom. Jacob is a fifteen year old boy, who has messy brown hair, nice green eyes, and light skin.

“I’m just going to the market. I’ll be fine,” he said. As he walked he thought of what it would be like to own a farm. He wouldn’t have to go to the market everyday. He could just go out to the farm and get the food. He heard a scream and turned. He saw a blond haired girl struggling in the grasp of one of the kings knights.

“LET ME GO!!” she yelled.

“The kings orders. I can’t. I’m really sorry.” Jacob could see the look of sympathy on the guard’s face. He really did not want to do this.

“I am not sorry.” said a voice. Something hit Jacobs head and he blacked out.


“Are you ok?” asked a voice.

Jacob opened his eyes and saw the blond girl. Her cloths where torn to shreds.

“Who are you?” He said.

“My name is Olivia. I’m a elemental like you. You do know your a elemental, right?” She said.

“What is a elemental?” Jacob asked?

“Oh boy. Ok, listen. The first elemental Created the world. He has a brother who is one of the most evil people in history. We are both have the blood of the guy in us. That means we probably need to save the world.” she got up.

“Um, so am I supposed to know what power I have or something?” A bunch of fire burst around him. That always happened when he got nervous. Immediately Olivia put it out with some water.

“I take it that that happens a lot when your scared or nervous. I have a felling that your element is fire.” she said.

“So do-” Olivia put her hand over his mouth.

“Be quiet. The guards are near.” She said.

Sure enough, a group of guards ran past.

“There idiots. We’re just hiding behind a tree. It’s the most obvious place in the woods any day. Anyways, we need to go, it won’t be long before they find us.”

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