☾Trapped underneath☽ A MCYT fanfiction

By @Mochwe_t
☾Trapped underneath☽ A MCYT fanfiction

Enin was lost, in minecraft. . . . . . . . . . . . . She was already trapped in real life, trapped in time like everyone else. But it somehow was even worse in the blocky-building game. Minecraft. . . . . . . . . . . People are dying, the plants are withering, and the water is drying. . . . . . . People die, they won’t respawn. People get hunted, they won’t come back. Kill 20 people and you get one respawn. How will Enin and her group of friends survive? . . . Well? . They were the rouges.

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Chapter 1

Rosey 1| Hᴜʜ?

It had been a while since they had been trapped in the world of death known as minecraft.

It used to be just a game that Enin and her friends played daily for fun.

It was just a stupid game.

But now it wasn’t, it was not at all.

From 2026, at the sixth month, at the sixth day, at the sixth hour, at the sixth minute and at the sixth second, it happened. Everyone who was playing that game was gone, sucked into the game itself that decides whether one lives or dies. It looked like a simple coma, but it wasn’t, as people in the game suddenly, slowly die. The only information that mojang dug up was how to keep track of what they did, in short form, achievements. You’ll be able to see what each player accomplished and their deaths, many are six feet under from this sickening death game. It did help the hunters though, they’re the cause of most of the deaths.

What Enin and her group of two friends were kinda smart to be honest. They were the neutrals, the group that didn’t take sides in anything. It kept them alive, and they were just the side characters of a grand story of how a hero from the survivors beat the game. It doesn’t matter to them who beats the game, they just want to live.

It been 6 months, half a year, since they were first in the game, and they were already the best fighters in it. Just a group of girls. There was Winter, the annoying streamer who was deemed as the goddess of PvP who already did Kendo in real life, she was really fit, and already knew how to wield a sword. Blake, who was the crazy playful prankster in minecraft, whose weapons were two small axes and double wielded like a madman. She also did Fencing in real life. Then the Main head of the troop, Enin, who was called the ‘unkillable’ by the minecraft community, she was fast and nimble on her keyboard, and used a simple bow and modified dagger. She wasn’t the best at PvP, her main strategy was to dodge and slowly nick their health little by little until they die. In the minecraft community, she was the best at many things, MLG’s, enderpearl saves, block clutching and was extremely good at a bow and parkour. She also did gymnastics in real life, they were definitely the most prepared in this game of death. 

They kept their reputation low, but there were some rumours about the invincible trio going around already.

Blake busted into their secret base that was hidden by a redstone contraption, huffing and puffing, out of breath. 

“EMERGENCY! Okay, not really but let’s go use the emergency meeting room!” She hollered like a monkey, excitement in her voice.

“Dude, you sound like a goose with how loud you are.” I deadpanned, stareing at her, my hands tinkering with some redstone.

“You’re telling me that I sound like I’m honking?!” She yelled, even louder.

“No! You *******. I’m telling you that you’re too loud.” I said.

“Okay, sorry. But still, let’s go use the emergency meeting room!” She celebrated, since it was our first time using the room.

“You can go first,” I called as I dashed out the door. “I’m going to call Winter.” My reply was a faint “Okay!” From Blake as I hurried away.

The ground was soft to the touch from the endless hard work Winter did with the farm, she is such a nature geek.

The farm is around a 3 minute walk away, it was kinda weird when Winter first asked for a 500 by 500 block place to herself underground, turns out, she completely transformed it to a farm. Pumpkin farms, melon farms, animal farms, wheat, carrot, beetroot, potatoes. Heck, she’s got everything, she even terraformed the place to seem like a forest with extreme hills. I do not understand her the slightest, with limited recipes, it’s seemed like a waste really, but it took our minds off the fact that we are literally trapped in an artificial world.

“Win-Win!” I called out, I started calling her that after she won MCC 16,17 and 19 by a landslide in the real world. It fitted her a lot, but she hated the ring of it since she reasoned that she doesn’t ‘win’ all the time.

“What?! I’m trying to plant bamboo over here!” She yelled back, somewhere in the giant underground man-made biome.

“We’re using the emergency meeting room thingy that Blake built! Come over to the base!” I yelled before walking out the entrance.

Within a few minutes, her black blob of hair appeared in the distance. Within seconds, she was in front of me, dirt and grim over her classic white T-shirt and within moments, we were in the emergency meeting room.

“Heya! What did you want to tell us?” Winter bounced over, a huge smile adorning her face with me trailing behind her.

“Guys, you won’t believe it! Like seriously, they found the nether Fortress!” Blake exclaimed, her hand axes clinking by her side as she jumped up a little.

“The same one we found?” I asked, raising a brow.

“Yeah, the same one we found!” 

“Hold on, then that means we would see the achievement pop up in chat. I checked it only a moment ago, there was no achievement on it?” Winter interrupted, her hands on the table supporting her head.

“So then they found it, set the cords, and ran.” I said matter-of-factly. “Scaredy-cats.”

“That’s what happened.” Blake added.

“When are they planning the raid?” Winter inquired, narrowing her eyes to put all her attention on Blake.

“I don’t think they’re planning to raid soon, but I think the Hunters already know. They had a few spies on their side too.” Blake said. 

“That’s going to be alotta deaths.” I muttered 

“That’s something I agree with you.”

“Well that’s good, we got this sorted out. Blake, sadly, you’ll have to spend more shifts as a spy in their base now. When you get when they’re invading, come back and report. ‘Kay? You know we’re crashing the party.”

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