The Sky The Sea The Wind

By @Boke

The Sky The Sea The Wind

By @Boke

We will be free even if we have to give up what we have.

Chapter 1

To Touch The Sky

Wind flowed about me, rippling and tugging at my shirt. The sky flickered blues and golds. How was it so brilliant? I stared. I was mesmerized. Pain exploded on my face. “What are you thinking?! No one is allowed to look at the sky, especially not like that!” He shouted as I held my face. Catching my wrist, he ran away with me. I turned and tried to look one last time at the shifting blues. Wonder filled me. I have to touch it.The boy pulled me into his chest hiding my eyes from the sky. “You have to stop, only bad things happen to people who look at it. That is why it is a law.” I gave him my adress and he leaves me at my apartment. I sigh as I take the bandana from my eyes. My apartment is bright with artifical light. Windows are illegal so even though it is still light outside we have to have all the light on. I shut my eyes. If I could not see the sky then i do not want to see at all least at all with fake light.

A rap at the door sent shock through my body. I put my on my chest and breathed deep. Woah I was not expecting that what a shock. I took another deep breath and opened the door. A gold suit with blue swirling over it, a young man stood there shifting his feet on my mat. ” Um, sir, may I come in?”

“Do I know you?”

“No,but I know because you broke the rules.But that is not why I’m here. What do you want more than anything in the universe and what would you give for it?” Haneul locked eyes with me. I blinked. They shimmered in the dim light. I had turned most of the lights off in the wave of frustation that had overwhelmed me after I got home.

“Wait, what? What do I want and what would I give?”He nodded.”Do you want a normal answer like, ‘I want money and I would give my soul’, or do you want me, so to speak?” He nodded again.

I rubbed my eyes, what did I want …My hand froze. My eyes…would I really? Yes,I would.

“My eyes… my eyes to touch the sky.” I looked up into Haneul’s eyes. His lips quivered and tears slipped down his cheeks.

“Are you sure? You eyes … you will not be able to see the sky or anything. But if you really want this I will do it but think about it and the consequences, do you understand what it means to be blind?” The earnesty and passion in his voice took me by surprise.

I shook my head,”This is what I want, I’m sorry, but I know. But why are you crying?”

I tipped my head and watched him struggle not to sob. “Haneul, its okay don’t cry for me, I want this.”

He stood and with a hand wet with his tears and trembling, touched my eyes. Lightening seemed to fill my veins and faded into a feeling of air in my blood. Light filled my mind as black flooded my vision.

“Goodbye.”Haneul whispered,”I tweaked your sacrifice and request a little and I wish you only the best.Good luck!” And was gone.

ch 1

i look at the sky

boy comes and stops me

drags me away

i looked back

a man came to my apartment

he asked what i wanted

what would i do get this thing

i said i would give my eyes

for the ability to touch the the sky

to be able to live in the sea

to be able to hold the wind

he smiled tears in his eyes

wetting his fingertips in them

he touch my eyes

sorry i can only grant one

so, love, touch it for me too

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