By @lab06


By @lab06

"the cupcake please" someone chorused with me "oh sorry you can take it" we again said at the same time. The old woman looked amused by what she is witnessing. "it's ok Ms." The guy said and I looked at him and I think I got lost in his emerald green eyes. It's the guy from the café. He looked shocked and his face is now again red. He scratched the back of his head. "Let's hang out my treat". I nodded and thanked him.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A day in the life of Grace Audrey Weller

Ring… ring… ring the sound of my alarm clock echoed through my ear ugh… I said still tired. I laid on my bed for a few more minutes and a thought came out of my mind. Oh no! I’m late for work.

           I rushed to the bathroom and I took a quick shower and changed to my working uniform. I ran fast to my car and I turned the keys, ****! I said to myself. The engines dead. I slammed my head on the steering wheel feeling helpless, I jumped out of my car and waited for a taxi.

           I arrived at the café that I’m working at and apologized to my manager for being late I explained what had happened except for the part where I woke up late.

 I sighed in relief when there weren’t too many people yet. Until the door opened, there walked a boy who is around my age and looked oddly familiar. I don’t know why I was so focused on him. Maybe it’s because he’s tall, or maybe it was his emerald green eyes that caught my attention. I have to admit he is gorgeous until he saw me staring, he smiled and I smiled back.

 “what can I get you, sir?” I asked the guy. “your name” he answered and I think I saw his eyes glint. I chuckled and answered “I’m sorry sir but I’m afraid that’s not on the menu” his face reddened and stuttered “– I mean I’ll have a cup of coffee” I chuckled as I wrote his order. I came back and served his coffee. And I continued with my day.

 After a long exhausting day at work, I came back home and I saw a text from my best friend Hannah. 

Hannah: hey G J

Grace: Hey Hannah, what’s up?

Hannah: the ceiling

Grace: haha very funny

 My phone rang and I answered it. “hey Hannah” I said. “how was work?” she asked. “It was ok I guess” I answered back. “you won’t believe what happened. There was this guy who was drop-dead gorgeous he has green eyes a very sharp jawline and he’s about 6’5-foot-tall, and when I asked him his order he said “your name” and he looked so embarrassed” I added. 

 We exchanged stories about our day. And we would laugh about her idiot brother who was caught by his girlfriend kissing another girl. Well, to be honest, I feel bad about the girls Timothy has played, but we can’t help but laugh. After talking for about an hour we bid our goodbyes.

 It’s now 4:00 pm and I just remembered that my car’s engine died so I called a mechanic to fix it up. After a few more hours he had fixed it and now I’m really happy. 

 When I was about to cook dinner I remembered that I didn’t go grocery shopping for almost a week now and since my car is fixed I went to the grocery store to buy myself some goods. When I was walking around the store pushing my cart and looking around I accidentally bumped on someone. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to-” my words were cut off when I realized who I bumped into. “hey,” I said also waving my hand. He did the same and smiled at me showing his deep dimples on his right cheek. But there was this confusion in his eyes like he didn’t recognize me. until “Joelle” I heard a male’s voice call him, I didn’t see who called him but that voice sounded familiar. He left and I was surprised he didn’t say a word.

 After shopping for some goods, I cooked my dinner and sat on my couch in the living room. I was watching stranger things (my favorite Netflix series) and just as I was getting deeper into what I was watching I heard someone rang my doorbell. I stand up and walked to my door, I knocked on my door “who is it?” I asked. When no one answered I opened my door and saw an envelope. It was addressed to my mom but my mom and dad passed away a few years ago. I picked up the letter and didn’t open it.

           I finished eating my dinner so I sat up and turned off my TV washed the dishes and locked the doors and all of the windows. After making sure that my house is locked and secure I climbed to my bedroom which is the master bedroom (because I’m the only one here) I closed the lights and I doze off to a peaceful sleep.

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