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The Return

The sound of a siren when there is no other sound is frightening. Laying there not sure where the siren is coming from or if he was the one in the ambulance. A headache that could kill someone and a whole bunch of strangers surrounding him ” Who… who am I? ” he asked very faint, ” Who are y… you? ” The boy could not help but stumble over his barely words.

A women leaned over him and said panic like, ” Andy! Andy can you hear me? ” At this point the sirens had stopped and the boy was laying now in a hospital bed.

He wanted to reply, but he did not know who this women was or where she came from. So he tried to sit up. But a doctor and a nurse grabbed his shoulders and held him there in one position. The nurse had a long silver needle that she carefully injected into his arm. The doctor had just had a good strong grip on the boy’s arm.

” It will be okay son, ” the doctor told him, ” We are just trying to help, Andy. ” the doctor’s voice trailed off. And the last thing the doctor said is like it put the boy in a deep sleep. Now unaware of what is going on outside of his dreams and visions.

When he woke up the women was leaned over him again and said, ” Andy, it’s me Becka. Andy can you understand what I’m saying? “

He remembered hearing the name ‘ Becka,’ he just did not know where he had heard it. He nodded his head and said, ” Yes. I can hear you Mrs. Becka. ” He called her ‘ Mrs. Becka ‘ just in case that was what he was told to call her. The women who’s name was Becka laughed and gave him a big smile. He asked finale, ” Is my name really Andy? “

There was a long silence when the doctor came in and told Mrs. Becka to leave. She turned around at the door way and nodded indicating the answer to his question was yes. Then the doctor shut the door so Andy could not see the kind girl anymore.

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