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Born of the Mind

By @Smkincade


I stiffen and suppress a scream as I feel the cool edge of the blade pressing against the skin of my neck. My head is a mess, trying to sort out what just happened, and my whole body pounds with the sudden rush of adrenaline. 


“You leave my godson alone witch!” Travis snarls as he tightens his grip, pinning my arms to my sides but keeping the knife firmly at my throat. 


“What are you talking about?! I’ve done nothing!” I gasp. 


“Right,” He sneers, “And my windows shattered all on their own!” 


He thinks did that?? He’s crazy! 


“Of course not! But didn’t break them!” I frantically try to reason. 


“Well answer me this then,” He growls, “If didn’t, and you didn’t, then who did!?” 


I struggle to come up with an answer. Who did do it? Travis is convinced that he didn’t, though he could be lying, but why would he? Breaking a window wouldn’t give him a good reason to kill me, so it can’t be that. It couldn’t have been Julian, since he is unconscious on the floor. But all that leaves is me. Surely, I didn’t do it, all I did was pound on the door. Perhaps someone came by and threw a rock? Not likely, I would have heard… 


“I don’t know,” I answer meekly. 


“Well you’re not going anywhere until you do.” Travis hisses as he begins to drag me through the front door. 


I consider using my knowledge of self-defense to try to make a run for it, but I cannot just abandon Julian. Plus, something, maybe just sense, tells me that I won’t be able to make it far before Travis has his large hands on me again. Which brings me to reflect back to mere moments ago, when the windows shattered. I remember clearly, Travis was in the house with Julian. Then, all of a sudden, he was behind me with the knife at my throat. How did he get to me so quickly? And so silently? 


A sharp pain jolts me out of my thoughts. I wince and reach back to rub my spine, which had been smashed up against the hard back of a wooden chair, only for my wrist to be yanked onto the armrest by Travis. He holds it there firmly as he secures it in place with a piece of scratchy rope, then does the same to my other wrist, as well as my ankles which he secures to the chair legs. 


He steps back, admiring his handiwork. 


I glare at him in annoyance, does he really think I’m going to even try to go anywhere? 

Then, as if the restraints aren’t enough to keep me from causing trouble, he pulls a handkerchief from his pocket, and gags me. 


I shoot him another, harder glare. This man is crazy. 


He soon disappears into another room, and I am left, helplessly tied up in what appears to be a very outdated kitchen. 


The cabinets are a strange greenish-yellow hue, with chips in the paint here and there. The countertops are wooden and scuffed, and the sink overflowing with dirty dishes. I smell an odor coming from somewhere nearby and realize that he placed me next to the extremely full trash can. Marvelous. I try to twist in my seat to see the rest of the room, but I can only get a glimpse of a small round, wooden table which must serve as the dining room table. 


I need to get out of here, and get Julian out too, but how? 


Just as I begin to formulate ways to escape, a weak voice echoes in the back of my mind. 




A surge of relief rushes through me at the sound of his voice. He’s still alive. 


Clarence?! I’m here! Are you alright?? 


Never mind about me, are you alright? 


I’m fine, just a little…stuck at the moment. 


Well you’d better get unstuck soon; they’re coming. 


No. It can’t be. 


They’re coming here?! I ask him in alarm. 


Yes, you need to get far away, and soon. 


But what about you? 


Don’t worry about me Elle, just keep yourself safe. 


I wait for him to say more, but my mind is silent once again. 


I am startled by the sound of footsteps in the room next to the kitchen. I hear Travis’ voice through the hall, “Stay here, I will get her, don’t go making assumptions Jules,” 


Jules. Julian is conscious, and he wants to see me. My heart beats just a little faster as I realize this. Soon, Travis returns, and begins to untie me. 


“Don’t think I am not going to be watching your every move witch, no funny business,” 


I nod my head to show that I understand and slowly get to my feet. He removes the gag, and then ushers me to the next room over, where Julian is perched on a rust-orange colored sofa. His face lights up at the sight of me. 


“You’re okay?” He questions. 


“Yep,” I say, resisting the urge to rub my sore wrists. 


“Thank goodness,” He sighs, “When I came to, I saw the shattered glass, and noticed you were gone, I was worried…” 


“I’m fine, I promise,” I reassure him. 


“But what happened?” He asks, knitting his brows together, “The last thing I remember is arguing with Travis, and then…nothing,” 


“She shattered the windows,” Travis alleges, “She tried to kill you,” 


Julian’s expression goes from relief to horror at his words. 


I quickly interject, “I did no such thing! Julian he’s lying, I would never hurt you!” 


“Jules, are you really going to fall for that? I’m your godfather, why would I lie about something like that?” Travis says coolly. 


Julian looks from me to Travis and back, trying to decide who to believe. 


“I need a minute,” He says finally, “With Elizabeth, alone,” 


Travis huffs, “I am not leaving you alone with that-” 


“Travis!” Julian interrupts, “Just stop! She’s not going to hurt me, please, just five minutes?” 


“Fine,” Travis gives in begrudgingly and tromps out of the room muttering something unintelligible under his breath. 


I move to sit on a cushioned chair across from Julian, but he stops me, “Wait. We can’t talk here, come with me,” 


I follow him out of the room in confusion but ask no questions. He leads me out a back door into a small, overgrown yard. We pick our way through the tall grass over to a small shed that, like the rest of the house, appears to have gone into disrepair. He pushes open the wooden door and gestures for me to go inside. He closes the door and then whispers something that I can’t make out. The air seems to quiver for a moment, and then settles down. 


“What was that?” I wonder. 


“A sound barrier, so no one can overhear us,” He answers simply, turning two buckets upside down as makeshift seats. 


I cast him a puzzling look as I sit down. 


“Get comfortable, I have a lot to tell you…” 

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    Hi smkincade! I started another writing competition if you were interested!

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