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Born of the Mind

By @Smkincade


Curled up on a small cushioned ledge, I trace my fingers lightly over the glass as water ever so slowly drips down the spotless panes. All is silent except for the faint pattering of rain on the roof and my own steady breaths. A million thoughts run through my head as the tears that I have been keeping at bay finally manage to spill from my eyes, causing my deep, steady breaths to go shaky. I unconsciously move my hand to my wrist, were a silver bracelet with a smooth turquoise stone rests and rub my fingers along its cool surface. Suddenly, I hear the creak of a floorboard behind me, and whirl in alarm.

“You really should find a new hiding spot Elle, I mean, the whole point is me not finding you, right?” A voice chuckles from the doorway.

“Go away Clarence,” I request in a small voice, but he just steps closer.

“Oh, c’mon Elle, I know that this is hard for you, but you can’t just run away from bad situations!” He reasons.

“Says who?” I reply.

“Says me,” Clarence states, “Trust me, I’ve tried, and it only makes things worse, Elle you have to listen to me!”

“No,” I respond icily, “I don’t.”

I lift my head defiantly and look into his eyes, but rather than seeing fear and desperation, as his tone implied, I see mild amusement.

“What?” I ask annoyed, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“It’s just,” He starts, “you’re funny when you’re stubborn,”

“Seriously Clarence? You choose now of all times to tease me?”

“I’m your big brother, it’s my job,” He replies with a shrug.

I release a sigh, “Fine, you win, now what do you want?”

“You know what I want Elle,” He answers as he shifts his gaze to the bracelet on my wrist.

I look down at it as well, “Well, it’s too bad you’re not getting it,”

“Oh, I’m getting it, it’s just a matter of how, you know very well that I will take it from you by force if I have to,” He warns, his tone suddenly serious.

I cannot help but take a step back at these words, “You wouldn’t,”


I would. His lips do not move, but I hear him all the same.

Just then, he lunges at me, a determined expression on his dirt smeared face, brown hair plastered to his forehead. I jerk out of the way, wincing at the thud of his body hitting the floor. He recovers quickly though and is back on his feet in a matter of seconds. I stagger backwards as he advances, falling on the cushioned ledge I had perched on minutes before. I look around frantically for an out, but he has me trapped, fear spikes in my chest as he seizes my wrist. I thrash in his grip, but he does not let go. As I twist my gaze falls upon the window. The window. A way out.

I muster all the strength I have and yank my wrist free from his grasp.


I am sorry brother. I whisper into his mind as I turn, and leap towards the window.

Before I know it, I am falling, surrounded by shattered glass, as I hear my brother’s cry in my mind: I will find you, and I will save you.


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  1. Sarahisdaname

    Jun 6, 2021

    Hi smkincade! I started another writing competition if you were interested!

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