Eternal night book one obsidian (chapter’s one-seven)

By @aurourafox1
Eternal night book one obsidian (chapter’s one-seven)

First story for me so it might not be that good the chapters are really short because yah this is a short story! The perspective is from Sylvia the main character and it’s about trying to stop an endless rain of darkness with the 12 enchanted gems this one is obsidian (ok ok not a gem) if there are any spelling mistakes sorry but spelling is definitely not my strongest point! Happy reading

Chapter 1


The hot noon sun shone on the city of Valdell Sylvia was sitting on a tree branch pretty high up trying to hide from the kids they would tease her about her eyes. in two days she would be 11. Sylvia Was bored and hungry sitting up in the tree so she decided to get an apple she had an idea so she attached a strong rope to one of her throwing daggers and she threw it onto the soil and ziplined down grabbed an apple from the Apple tree took the Dagger out of the dirt and climbed up the tree it was as fast as lightning. None of the other kids could keep up! Sylvia could out run, out climb, out smart (not Emma ) and out fight almost everyone in the city. But Sylvia was horrible at talking to other people. Her mum said “everyone has their weakness darling” But she wasn’t so sure… she had seen a lot of people who were “good at everything” when she thought about it her mum was actually kinda right. Like Emma she was smart as Albert Einstein but she was horrible at sports and jack he was a sport master but he was as dumb as a snail.

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