Flowers~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79
Flowers~A Poem

This is a poem about flowers, please read it. It will only take a second. It would mean a lot if you read them :) You can check out my other poems if you like 'Flowers'

Chapter 1


A girl is like a flower,

Beautiful in her own way,

But can shrivel at the slightest touch.

There are some stronger than others,

Marigold, Cosmos, Cone flower.

Some are more delicate than others,

Jasmine, Orchid, African Violet.

A girl is easily uprooted,

Picked from all the others.

She becomes someone new,

Her roots are thrown away,

She lives somewhere new for a few glorious days,

Constantly being admired by all who see her.


Then she is thrown aside,

Like garbage.

Like she was worth nothing.

Like she never existed.

She misses her life in the garden,

Surrounded by friends and family,

Was it worth it?

To leave the garden?


The answer is no.

A girl needs her family,

She needs her friends.

So all of you out there, cherish girls.

They are all beautiful,

All have roots.


Don’t take that away from them.

Raise them up,

Don’t push them down.

Let her true colors show,

Exactly how they are supposed to.

A girl is like a flower.

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