The LIGHT in the DARKNESS series. Book 1

By @Bookworm99
The LIGHT in the DARKNESS series. Book 1

When two orphan boys Troy and Liam Dagar are taken from their home to Bethel, they are trained to become black knights. But when Troy gets into trouble and placed in the wrong cell, he meets a dying man who will change his life forever. Meanwhile, Liam Dagar has found favor in the sight of the Queen and is given an opportunity to work by her side and defeat the rebellious nations. Follow these series as two brothers find themselves both on opposite sides of the war.

Chapter 1

The city of Aram

Sixteen year old Troy Dagar wriggled his tied up wrists. His twin brother Liam Dagar stood next to him, eyes lowered, no talking. That’s what they were told. About two hours ago they were at Merek’s orphanage, near Mirabele Creek. Twenty orphaned boys lived there, half of whom were teenagers. The black soldiers invaded the orphanage, and took all the teenagers captive. Per her Majesty’s order, Queen of Elul, that all teenage boys above fifteen in the nation of Aram be brought in. The boys were forced to leave with nothing, and if they defied orders. There would be dire punishments. All the teenage boys from the orphanage were marched away from there only home. The only sounds to be heard were the chirping of birds, and the boots that walked on the ground. Troy loved Mirabele Creek, it was in beautiful valley. The mountains of Kenen were visible, snow on the tops of the mountains. While the valley had green grass and flowers. It truly was beautiful place. Troy and his brother and been orphans their whole lives, they had no idea who there parents were. Some boys knew at least one parent, but they did not. Troy Dagar looked up from the ground to seen the Black soldiers surround their group. He wondered where they were taking them. It seemed like they were being taken to the City of Aram. The capital city of this nation. The city was about only ten miles down the road from Merek’s orphanage. Troy knew that they were getting close to the city, he could see the large buildings of the rich, and the temples of the gods. The most known temple was the biggest building of them all. It was the Temple of Artha. The goddess of beauty and love. The temple looked a lot like pyramid, except it looked like it had been split in half. Two dozen marble pillars held up the roof, it separated the bottom half of the triangle from the top half. The large city sat on the coast of the Eastern Sea. There were many large ships, some were war ships, and some were of rich merchants. Troy had grown up going to the city. He had gone with Merek to sell vegetables and to buy food. He could hear the noise of the crowd getting louder the closer he got. Troy looked at the black soldier who rode on a black horse, he had no doubt in his mind that this man was the one in charge. Mustering up all the courage he could. He spoke, “Where are we going?” The man pulled on the reigns to stop his horse and glared at him. You could almost see how dark his soul was in his eyes. He had strict orders to not talk, but sense it was his life that was changing he saw no harm into asking. But after watching the man get of his horse he wished he had stayed silent.

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    OMG, this is so intriguing did you come up with this all on your own? this is beautifully written and I am already in love!

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