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By @Wolfkitty

Why'd You Stumble Upon A Cave?

Abner was a regular boy. He underwent regular education, lived in a regular cottage and such.

But, Abner wanted to be a mage. He had heard great stories about mages, and wanted to be in one of those stories. He also wanted to be blessed by the Gods.

The Gods had blessed almost all mages ever known to exist, and Abner truly needed a blessing. His family was ordinarily poor, and struggled to feed themselves day by day.

Now, Abner was walking through his village and into the forest, thinking about this. Then, he fell down.

“Oomph!” he grunted as he landed. He looked around, only to see he had tripped on a rock next to a cave. Curious as an ordinarily regular boy would be, he ventured into the cave.

As he walked steadily along the fine cobblestone ground, he saw carvings in the walls. These were carvings of various Gods he’d been taught about.

Enmir, the God of Wealth

Physeus, the God of Gambling, and twin brother to Enmir.

Gitros, God of Abundance.

And so on.

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