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So this is the End

By @Theonlytrueintrovert

Chapter 1

They instantly started packing their things. “Whoa, were are you guys going in such a hurry?” Luke asked. “You don’t wanna know.” Codee responded as he finished packing his things. He walked over to Serenity and started helping her finish up too. “Yeah I do. There was a beat up person who approached you and called you guys alphas. She needed your help.” Luke argued. “She’s laying in bed now. She can explain things to you, but you’ll only slow us down.” Serenity said. She zipped up her bag and said “Ok, lets get going babe.” They walked out the door, and before Luke could say “Wait!” they were running at incredible speed.

Night fell by the time they got halfway. They set up camp, and slept. Serenity was alone in this dream. In front of her was a lot of fighting and chaos. *How could this happen?* she thought to herself. The sides were the same as before… just smaller. There were less people on either side, and she counted five from where she was at. She saw herself and Codee run up to the chaos and stop. Then there were her choices. First choice, join the fight. With Codee and Serenity joining, they would out number and over power the other team. Second choice, try and stop it. It’s possible to reason with both teams to try to convince them to stop, but the chances of it working is unknown. Her last choice… they could sacrifice themselves. If they sacrificed themselves, the fighting would stop for sure. She definitely didn’t wanna sacrifice two lives. If it was just her life, she would pick that one. The first choice, she knew she’d end up killing at least one person on the other team. She didn’t want that. Her second choice was fine, except it could easily go wrong and both of them die anyway. Her thoughts were that she would do the first. She stole and robbed anyway, so killing someone is better then leaving them with nothing. She picked it, and woke up.

Codee had all of his stuff packed up, and started packing Serenity’s while she went to go get changed and ready for what was to come. They started running again, and by evening, they were in front of the fighting. As soon as both teams saw them, the fighting stopped. Valerie grinned, and said “Well, well, well, look it is guys. Have you come to sacrifice yourselves?” There was silence, and Serenity flinched at her words. “Scared I see. Well, no wonder, my team got to some weapons. In fact here’s one for you!” She said, then throwing a grenade at both of them. Codee through a smoke bomb at the teams, then pulled his girlfriend away. “Ok, here’s the plan…”

Through the smoke, they ran after Valerie. She was coughing and hacking, her eyes filling with light blue tears. “UGH I’M GONNA GET YOU FOR THAT!” She yelled as she choked. Codee grabbed her and covered her mouth with one hand, and grabbing her arms with the other. Serenity started scratching and biting Valerie, and by the time the fog cleared up, and they were hidden again, she was dead. The enemy team didn’t know what had just happened, but they were definitely confused. Codee and Serenity’s team figured out what they were doing, and another smoke bomb went off. Codee and Serenity followed their noses to the next victim of their plan. This time, when they hid again, they hid separately. “Give up!” Codee yelled, then moved from his spot. “Or a third one will die!” Serenity yelled, doing the same. This continued as the enemy team talked, and soon, they decided they didn’t want to loose anyone else. “WE SURRENDER!” they all yelled in unison. Codee came out first, teeth showing, and he was growling. Then Serenity came out with her claws ready to attack. “Drop your weapons.” Serenity said. They all dropped their weapons, and Codee and Serenity gestured to their team to inspect them and make sure they weren’t hiding anything. By midnight, everyone who was alive made peace.

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