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The Father’s Love

By @dk18684

The father smiled with delight

As his precious son was born

With his strong arms he held him tight

To keep him warm til morn

As his young boy began to grow

His deep love for him did too

To his dear son he would bestow

His every revenue

The father’s devotion to his son

Could not be matched by any

He worked each day from dusk to dawn

To save for him each penny

But as the boy began to grow

His ambitions did as well

His requited love began to slow

As he sought to rebel

And so on the father’s birthday

He awoke to a loud noise

He would find that on this good day

He had lost his dear boy

The money jar was broken

With glass laid on the floor

The father’s heart now stolen

He’d never hurt like this before

The son now smiled cheerfully

As he looked back at the house

He strolled down the road carelessly

As he made his way out

The son couldn’t wait to squander

Every penny that he held

This led him around to wander

Until all was expelled

The horrid things the son then did

In needy desperation

Were evidently not well hid

And led to allegations

When the father went into the cell

He touched his arm and smiled

“My son,” he said with much to tell

“I still love you my child”

“I’ve waited for your lovely voice

To echo in the house

And I must say I did rejoice

When I knew your whereabouts”

“But father” he said in mournful tone

“My penalty is death”

“Don’t worry” his father condoned

My love isn’t spent yet

As stress began to creep inside

And change the son’s whole mindset

Then a soldier came with smile wide

And said “You’ve paid your debt”

“But how” he said very confused

My death would seal the case”

“Oh no” the soldier much amused

“Someone has took your place”

This story isn’t merely tale

Nor made-up tragedy

But rather is the tale of love

And of you and me

For we are all rebellious

To ourselves and to each other

We are all guilty somehow

Of resisting the Father

But his love for us it knows no bounds

And led him to the cross

His purpose here was to redeem

And to save those who are lost

So even those who feel ashamed

Or feel that they’re defiled

He’s reaching out to take your hand

Saying “I still love you child”

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