The Christmas Death

By @Kittyqueen79
The Christmas Death

I wrote this story around a year ago, on another writing website called Storybird while it was still free. Unfortunately, you now need to pay for it.So I decided to write it again here! It is really short, and there is a lot of feeling behind it, and I personally have never experienced someone VERY close to me die, but this is just a way for me to reach out to the people who have had someone close to you die. In the original one it had pictures, but that's okay! Please read if you have the time.

Chapter 1

Part One

One dark night, three cats were sitting on a wall behind an old abandoned house. But it wasn’t quite abandoned… only one soul lived there, Clara. Clara was waiting for her best friend, Anya, to come over. While she waited, she made a house of cards, but quickly became tired of the game. So instead, she made lemonade.

Just as she finished, she heard a loud knock echo through the house. It was Anya! Clara greeted her friend, and they sat down for some lemonade.

Soon after the two orphan girls decorated the Christmas tree with handmade candy-canes and old-fashioned ornaments. The cats helped, too. The girls went outside to song carols on the tree overlooking the pond, with their toes dipped in the cold water. Splash, Scream! Clara has fallen off the tree into the water, and flailed her arms around, trying to stay afloat. Anya pulled her out, and walked Clara back into the house where she could warm up.

That night the two girls fell asleep, with the cats cuddled up next to them.

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