Escaping Destiny

By @Silent_Rose
Escaping Destiny

"As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death." - Leonardo da Vinci

Chapter 1


For Miles Kalai, having a purpose in life isn’t that big of a deal to him. He just goes with the flow. That is until an asteroid hits the earth and wipes out thousands of people, including his family and everyone he’s ever known, or so he thinks. What Miles doesn’t know is that this is just the beginning of a long and tough journey. He also doesn’t know that his younger sister Sharon Kalai survived the hit but got captured and is now held prisoner. Now it all comes down to Miles, and he only has two options. Fight to save and repair his city or go down and die with his city.

James Hiley never understood the world. At a young age he was always fascinated with sharp weapons and mystery books that involved murder. His parents didn’t care much because they were always partying or getting drunk. Maybe that’s why his personality was different. When his parents got taken to jail for second degree attempted murder, he just sat there and watched as if it was a horror movie. 5 years later, just shy of his 18th birthday, something inside him snaps. When you look into his eyes, you can see right to hell and beyond. Kill, death, murder, anger, pain, sadness, regret, fire, hell, etc. All these words circling in his head, waiting to be free. “I’m sorry I had to do this to them. They did nothing wrong, but a wave of fire came over me and I couldn’t control it. I hope that one day I will pay the deeds that I have done. I deserve nothing else. Again please dispose of them properly and I am truly sorry.” – James Kahi Hiley.

Sharon Kalai is an incredible sweet girl. Would give her life up to save someone else. Always respectful. Her whole world is filled with love and joy. Then her world comes crashing down. Her whole life she’s had nothing but love from the world and positivity even through the toughest times. Now, all that is gone and she has nothing left. One of the many survivors, she doesn’t know that her older brother Miles Kalai is alive and has survived. She will never know because she will never see the outside world again is what she is told through steel bars. Sharon Kalai is a lost girl, who now has to fight her own battle and pray she makes it alive.

To some we are one and to some we are our own. We live. We die. We laugh and we cry. Our emotions are our world. Our growing tree. Everyday it grows until one day, it will die. Time tells our fate. Fate tells our future. Future tells our death, and death gives us heaven or hell. It is not Death’s decision on what we do or where we end up. Our souls roam freely across the world and across the universe. Free to explore. So are you as you live and breath. Spend your life wise, and make it fun while you can.

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