What's Meant to Be

By @Parjanya

Chapter 1


Do soul mates exist? Are we humans destined to be with a particular person? Will we know it? Who will it be? Some on at school? College? Work? Blind date? There are various myths, legends and tales that revolve around it. According to the Greek Mythology, Zeus cut humans into two, and threw them at different places, forcing them to search for each other in order to feel complete. The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese believe that a little red thread bound two souls together. Some cultures, like the Hebrew and the Indian, believe that the Cherub or Kama would shoot an arrow into the hearts of those meant to be while crossing each other.

Oh well, in short, every culture has its take on Soul-mates. If everyone was bound to be with their destined person, then everyone would have a happy ending wouldn’t they?

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