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Dreams To Live

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 2

It was time for dinner. I like this place. It has this airy, mysterious but comfortable charm about it. I wonder who else is gonna be at dinner? Zelena walked into the kitchen. She quickly found Amber and Katherine and sat between them. “You look lovely,” Katherine smiled. “Thank you,” Zelena flushed. “And you have an aura about you, that will fit in here quite nicely,” Amber complimented her. “You’re too kind, this place is beautiful,” Zelena smiled. “Is it just us?” Zelena asked. As if on cue, Paul and Arthur came downstairs and sat. “Paul!” Amber stood up. “Sorry,” he pouted. “Sit,” Katherine said. “That wild child is my uncle in law,” Amber said. “And you are?” Zelena wondered. “Zelena,” he smiled. “Oh my gosh, Arthur?” Zelena glowed. “What are you-?” Arthur was stunned. “I needed a place, but its great to see you,” Zelena started to eat. They soon followed her.

After dinner, Zelena washed the dishes. “It’s the least I could do,” she smiled. “I had no idea that I would bump into you again,” Zelena said. “Me either,” Arthur said. “Why did you run off so fast?” Zelena was curious. “Another time,” Arthur looked around. “Got it,” Zelena continued washing the dishes. *Why were you named Arthur?” Zelena asked. “My mother wanted me to have a strong name plus, it was my grandfather’s name,” Arthur explained. “Why were you named Zelena?” he asked. “I changed it my birth named is Giselle,” she said. “Interesting,” he put the dishes away.

Amber cleared her throat. “Zelena, you look upset, are you OK?” Amber asked. “My family they are my family despite their choices,” Zelena sniffed. “I understand,” Katherine walked in. “What are you doing here, Paul is in bed, don’t you want to join him?” Zelena asked. “I heard sniffling and I just wanted to see why,” Katherine walked over. Zelena could not look at her. No, don’t look up, it’ll make it worse. Katherine placed a kiss on her forehead. “Strong but too strong,” she pulled. “Always,” Zelena admitted. “Well, we all have something to work on,” Arthur raised her chin. “Ok?” Arthur asked. “I think I’m tired, I’m gonna sleep this off,” Zelena walked out. OK.

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