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Dreams To Live

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

Zelena followed Katherine down a few streets. It was a windy, crisp night. God, please let me survive this cause I might have done something completely STUPID! “Katherine, where are we going?” Zelena asked. “Yes, honey, I know you’re exhausted, as am I; thankfully its right here,” Katherine pulled out a key and opened the door. “Thanks,” Zelena followed her.

Katherine showed her around. “This place is great but too big for just the two of us,” Zelena noticed. “Which is why my family lives here too,” Katherine explained. “Makes sense,” Zelena said. “Where are they?” Zelena asked. “They are night owls,” Katherine said. “I’m not,” Zelena walked into a room and sat on a king-sized bed. “Would you like something to eat?” Katherine sat. “It would be a great way to meet the others,” Katherine added. “Sure,” Zelena smiled. “Awesome,” Zelena left.

Katherine took her stuff that was in her suitcase and organized it. She grabbed her robe and shower stuff and walked out.

There were dashes through the front door. Zelena was cooking. “Paul, Arthur, and Amber, what did I say about dashing through the door and leaving the only exit open?” Zelena stirred the pot. “Lo siento,” Paul dropped the bags. “OK,” Katherine sighed. Paul is always the first to apologize. “Auntie, what are you making?” Amber asked. “Vegetable soup,” Katherine said. “And for the meat eaters?” Amber huffed. “My house, my rules,” Zelena said. “I brought chicken,” Arthur said. “You were prepared,” Amber said. “Of course,” Arthur placed the dinner on the table. “We have a new house guest,” Katherine announced. “Where is she?” Amber asked. “It could be a boy,” Paul chimed in. “My instincts are spot on, its a girl,” Amber smiled. “Her name is Zelena,” Katherine grabbed the plates. “Boom!” Amber smiled. “Funny,” Arthur rolled his eyes. “Not fair,” Paul said. “My powers,” Amber shrugged. “Which is why I want you guys to behave, especially you two,” Katherine looked at Paul then Arthur. “No promises,” Arthur winked. “Fair enough,” Amber sighed.

Zelena walked out of the shower. Much better. She tried to run but her robe was so big on her and she didn’t it slipping off her. She walked to her room. “Are you Zelena?” she saw Amber. “Yes, and you are?” Zelena wondered. “Amber,” she said. “Well, let me stop talking so you can get more settled in,” Amber moved out of her path. “See you at dinner?” Zelena asked. “See you then,” Amber smiled.

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