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Murder Code

By @_glossy_teas_


It’s cliche to be involved so quickly with the new kid at a school, especially in a story.

It’s how many friends or lovers end up together in realistic fiction. It’s the easiest way to introduce two characters. But it’s not like I asked to be involved in this situation.

The AP English teacher lifted herself from her chair and walked to the front, as every teacher would when making an announcement.

“This is Daphne Cloverdome. She is new to the private school, all the way from Alaska,” Ms. Frocher grinned warmly and lowered her voice to finish her sentence to the Daphne girl. “Must be a big change moving to a city in Missouri from such a cold place.” Daphne smiled the same sweet smile to Ms. Frocher and replied with an oddly deep voice for her appearance, “Yes, very much. It’s a nice change though.”

Ms. Frocher nodded in agreement and turned towards the class and pointed to the nearest seat that was open which was next to a girl named Tracy Caulberg.

“You can sit there, Tracy is a sweet girl, you two should get along well.” Daphne smiled at Tracy and looked up, scanning the room. She looked as if she never been in a classroom before, her eyes scanning every piece of everything. Her eyes fixed onto me, a cold dead stare. I stared back with even more cold deadness, wanting to scare her as much as possible, but it seemed as if she already knew I was going to give her a colder stare. It caught me off guard, and for a second or two, I lost my stare and softened my look before stiffening up again. Daphne made a face as she started towards her desk, and it caused a bitter toss in my stomach. I hated her already.

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