Murder Code

By @_glossy_teas_

Murder Code

By @_glossy_teas_

Char doesn't like people. She doesn't like anything to do with anybody, she only wants to escape school and avoid people as much as possible. But surprise, surprise! Char meets Daphne, a bubbly 14-year-old who couldn't be more than opposite from her. Bitterness was the first thing Char felt with her... until Daphne somehow lured Char to want to be with Daphne. And attempt a murder. .

Chapter 1


I don’t understand popularity.

The fact that people want to have so many friends who, mind you, could care less about you is absolutely insane in so many ways. Actually, scratch that, why would you want to make friends in general. I’ve experienced the heartbreak of losing friends. It hurts. Like hell.

You call me crazy, but I call you crazy for risking yourself like that. If you complain about something, then fix it. Cut people off completely. If you need someone to talk to, get a therapist. Friends are the last thing I need in my life.

99.9% of the time, I’m left alone at my all girls private school, considering I’m the oddest of the odd at school. No, I don’t get bullied, I just am never talked to. Which is fine, I like it that way. Get through school years and then you’ll be able to continue on with life deliberately avoiding the toxic people of this toxic earth.

Well, actually, I was left alone until I realized the new girl arriving at my school didn’t understand blantant hints.

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