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Shrodinger’s God

By @_EP_

The general theory

God and science have always been two very oppositional topics when it comes to the Universe, in my experience. I am by no means dismissing the presence of religious scientists, but am simply stating that the two core ideas are oppositional. On one side you have the almighty being that said ‘Let there be light’ or (using the direct translation) ‘In the beginning, there was a conversation, etc.’ whereas in science, there was an explosion, a big bang. And, it is theorised, that there will be a big crunch, too. The universe will keep expanding until one day, until it shrinks back in, creating a single spec containing the entirety of the universe. And, in religion, it is called the end of days. Not necessarily the end of the universe, but the end of humanity as we know it.

I was thinking on the theory of the Big Bang, and the Big Crunch as well, and the thought came to mind; if said loop repeats itself, which is also a core idea in the theory, how many times has it been repeated before? If this is correct, how? Who is there repeating the cycle? Or what is repeating the cycle?

At this point my line of thought seems obvious; I’m going to say God. And, whilst I can’t say that’s not almost entirely accurate, not quite. We describe God itself in many ways; Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, and more. And it’s not entirely uncommon at all that it is theorised that they all could possibly exist. It’s not entirely unfounded either; especially not with lines such as ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’ Reasonable as this sounds, why would God, if it were sure it was the only God state this? Yes, there were other idols being at the time, but if they held no power, what was the point of being so possessive, if there was no one else to possess us? Simply, because there are other Gods. That’s the theory, at least.

I don’t believe it. My reason, simply is because at that point, God is already dead. To fully explain my theory, we’ll use Schrodinger’s cat. Without looking in the basket, we cannot know whether or not Schrodinger’s cat was alive or not. That is the extremely simplified version of the theory. Now, if we think of Schrodinger’s cat as alive, regardless of whether not it’s actually alive or not, it is effectively, alive, if that’s we chose to perceive it, and fi we don’t interact with it, then it makes no difference whether or not it’s alive. My point here is God is what we perceive to be the almighty. Immortal.

But, what if we were to say God isn’t intangible or immortal. The vial of poison. We don’t when it will go off. When is God going to die? My answer is simple; God is already dead. For this to be explained, let me explain my definition of god ‘A being that is all beings and yet only one’ God imploded, creating the big bang, creating the universe as we know it. But, what from? The answer; the previous universe. When you think about it, the whole big bang and big crunch theory sounds like an experiment. But doing the same thing over and over again is the very definition of insanity. So God’s insane? No. Because it’s not insane if you apply quantum physics. It’s physically possible to get different results. But that’s crazy isn’t it? Because quantum physics ‘is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles’. We can only see a very limited amount of the quantum levels out of the seven dimensions we believe there are. So the way we apply this? Well, we currently use Newtonian physics to describe humans and the universe. But what if that’s wrong? Our universe is constantly expanding, so what if it’s not even big enough to be called newtonic yet? Whilst this all seems very much to be metaphysics, it’s not illogical.

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