An angel in demise

By @LJGibby2020
An angel in demise

The love of a self destructing man and a woman who only feels complete with the pain.

Chapter 1

I never meant to describe him as a monster,

you see, he was truly an angel,

filled with both beauty and grace,

but even Satan was an angel…

With a demon inside that could no longer be caged,

to his own demise, he lost the war against himself,

and all that remained was a fragment of the man that I once knew,

shattered with regret and self hate,

the darkness took over,

he sealed his own fate.

and people ask me “well, why did you stay?”

Because, don’t you understand?

the angel that holds my heart,

and the demon who broke it,

well, they’re one in the same.

You see..

There’s this sick, twisted part of me,

that likes the darkness inside of me,

this part of me that only feels complete,

when that fragment digs deep.

We were forever bound, not only by our love for each other,

but, with his inner demon,

and my need for pain,

we were a couple that just could not be tamed,

don’t you get it yet?

to put it more simply,

we were one in the same.

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