As I feed

By @Annabelle_Lee
As I feed

After that night she hasn't been the same, her old life is a faint memory and now must do what she must to keep herself alive.

Chapter 1

The Attack:

The drops of the rain cascaded down onto the earth, showering it as the thunder roared and the lightning flashed shortly after, the darkness engulfing my room was suddenly flashed away as the lighting illuminated my room for a few seconds with it’s white flash only to be eaten away by the dark shortly after. I sat up on my bed as a yawn escaped my lips, followed by a defeated sigh.Another nightly battle with my night terrors and constant paranoia that the dark shrouded me in. This was my nightly hell, the shadows contorting themselves in twisted shapes, the apparent menacing expressions that were blurred out against the walls. I stood up, the warmth and safety of my bed slowly being sucked away with the bitter chill of the still atmosphere the air traveling down my exposed flesh causing me to get goosebumps and the fine hairs to stand at attention.My heart began beating rapidly, my body was tense, I tried to let out a scream but could only let out a strained whimper, the impending danger I was sensing was certain as my eyes were beginning to tear up as I felt someone else’s body on top of mine. I struggled against this force but to no avail my struggling body went limp as I felt something sharp dig into my thigh followed by a warm sensation which must’ve been the blood that oozed out of my fresh wound. My almond brown eyes brimmed with hot fresh tears streaming down my face.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as a finger was tracing small circles around the crease of my neck in a teasing manner as if this creature was toying with me before deciding what to do with me. I forced myself to look at this unknown force my almond eyes connecting with a pair of crimson red eyes seemed to hold mischief and a hint of lustful desires that needed to be quenched oh so badly. I winced which caused this creature to smile a devilish smile…as if the devil himself had appeared, ready to take me for his own selfish lustful desires and whether I wanted it or not didn’t matter whatsoever. I whimpered yet again and this time was met with a pair of soft lips that stifled my whimpers of protest. I slowly felt my body cave into fatigue and small embers of sexual desire that I haven’t felt in a long time. As time passed on I felt my body drain and my eyes desperately trying to fight fatigue but eventually succumbing to the spell of sleep.

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