Chapter 1

January 28, 2019

As I lay in bed I wonder where my life will go from now. I’ve always been in love with a fantasy, a life I haven’t lived. My imagination has always been big and my future has always been bright. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the stress day I had because of it; but all I know is that life doesn’t feel the same. 6 years ago I laid in bed daydreaming about growing up and having my first phone; to be connected. Now I daydream about falling in love with a man I haven’t met or I’ve met and just haven’t experienced. As time pass and life moves on, I wonder if I’ll meet him or if the lyrics of my favorite songs actually reflect the love that I’ll have. Maybe I’m overreacting but isn’t that okay. Some nights I lay in bed listening to Téo and stare at the emptiness of my ceiling and pray to my God that I know very much hears me; but sometimes I feel like he doesn’t want to. Pshh what a lie. The dialogue I have with him always lead me crying without a blink in my eye or the threat of retreating from the void I feel in the moment. So I’m deciding to write, I’ve always been a writer in some type of way but I just never had a platform to do it on. I don’t know if I’ll have stories on here or just personal thoughts and poems. This can be my journal entry. Hopefully you like this and hopefully we can both grow from these writings I’ll post on here.

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