A Breeze of Hope

By @Deceased
A Breeze of Hope

A girl turned to a mermaid, a small child looking for hope, and the urge to survive.

Chapter 1


The glass drops of rain fell from the stars and softly glided into the sea. The ocean quietly sung to itself with its silky waves. Its ribbons of blue and green glistened in starlight. Stars fell into the quiet sea as night slowly faded away. The stars clung to the sky bt silently fell like snowflakes into the ribbons of blue. The waves licked the damp wood of the raft telling us that we were safe at last we were safe…

The dark starlit water kissed my skin. I sank deeper and deeper. The water started to swirl around me and sculpt itself into beautiful designs. I knew that if I opened my eyes I wouldn’t see anything at all, but I felt the water as if we were a unit. I was the water. I moved so gracefully, but so strongly at the same time. I made arches and swirls. I was one moving unit until it happened. Everything shattered like how a sheet of glass would break. The beautiful swirls all shattered by the monster. A strong metallic scent clouded my mind. I opened my eyes and saw red surrounding me. The water saturated with blood. I flicked my tail and ran right into a net. I swam the other way and yet the same thing. My head broke the surface as I was carried upward. Before I realized what was happening, my body hit the hard wooden deck of the fishing boat. I looked around. People surrounded me. Everyone was staring at me. I gulped and nervously said,”Hi.”

All the people gasped. I was about to pull myself over the edge into the murky water when I felt a grip on my wrist. I turned and saw a girl who looked deep into my eyes and asked,”Please take me with you.”

I whispered,”But you will drown.”

“I don’t care.” The girl had tears in her eyes. I nodded my head and and held her in my arms as I dove into the murky water and swam a long distance before I came up for air. The girl gasped for air and was shivering. I held her close to my body and slowly swam with her head above the water the nearest enclosed beach. I put her on the shore then dragged myself towards her to help her start a fire. A light rain started to fall so the fire part was out. I told the girl I know a dry place to stay for the night. She nodded and reached her goose bumped covered arms towards me. I wrapped my arm around her waist and swam towards a nearby cave where she could rest. I lay her down on the sand and she was soon dry. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. I was debating whether or not I should go out or not. She was so cute lying there in a ball. I swam around the shore and found a washed up shawl. I carried it the best I could to not let it touch the water. I wrapped it around the girl and lay down next to her.

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