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Hidden Love in Draedilan

By @RoseOfNoonvale

The Beginnings

Mack silently ran through the forest, his eyes searching for any being that might be following him. He has come through here often, and knows the path well. He is searching, yes – but only waiting until he came across it, as he had so many times before. He has come to the place he was looking for many times since that first meeting.

Prince Mack Ogden had been out in the forest on the outskirts of his kingdom almost a year ago. He had gone out hunting in the only simple clothes that he had, but had soon become restless and separated from his father’s guards. It was there in a small clearing that he met the most beautiful man that Mack had ever seen, with thick black hair and defined shoulders. Despite the man’s small stature, he had immediately interest Mack, and they had struck up conversation.

It wasn’t until later that Mack discovered that this man was actually the king of their rival kingdom, Ashton Clemons.

This discovery did not deter Mack from his fascination, nor did it lessen the want in his heart to have this kind, stubborn man as his own. Mack knew that it was against his father’s wishes for Mack to marry another man, and that if King Ogden found out, Mack would almost certainly be kept prisoner, if not executed; but Mack was willing to take the risk.

Nonetheless, Mack had to be cautious from now on. His own father had slaughtered the family of Ashton, and the entire realm of Draedilan knew that King Clemons had been out for revenge ever since. Mack was careful to only ever wear peasant clothes around King Clemons on their twice-weekly meetings, and he made sure to act as if he was just a simple peasant. Mack loved Ashton and he knew that Ashton loved Mack in return; Mack would hate to have to break the poor king’s heart.

It had been months since the first time they saw each other, and they had been meeting each and every week ever since. Tonight, though, something was eating away at Mack’s heart and his head, and he knew the feeling well: guilt. Mack was overwhelmed in guilt, the guilt of lying to his secret lover, the guilt of having to hide his true past. He knew that it wouldn’t be long until he cracked; it could even be tonight.

As he approached the meeting place, Mack tried to push all of those thoughts out of his mind. King Ashton wasn’t there yet, but Mack was early, anyways. He ducked between a bush and a tree and crouched low, keeping himself hidden and steadying his breath.

Mack didn’t have to wait long. Minutes later, he heard a rustling, and a dark shape emerged from between the trees. Mack recognized the silhouette, the outline of his shoulders and the cape hugged tight around the other man’s body.

His lover was here.

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