Henry slavery and the Great Battle Of Camden

By @Tina101

Henry slavery and the Great Battle Of Camden

By @Tina101

This story is about about a boy named Henry Savery who saved his father and became one of the world well know commanders.

Chapter 1

Henry Savery and the Great Battle Of Camden

Camden New Jersey

Monday, August 15 1780

After hearing that the Redcoats are coming to our town, the rebels are ordered to go to their campground and get ready for their arrival. My father, Peyton Savery, was a rebel so he had to leave too. Before my father left he held my mother, Merriam Savery, and told her that he would be back soon. My mother cried as if she would never see him again. Before my dad left he gave me his necklace that his father gave him. He wore it everyday, but he gave to me. After he gave it to me I knew that there might be a chance that I would never see him again. I didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t help it, the tears just came running down my face. My father rubbed my head then he left. I ran and hugged my mother really tight and together we both stood there and cried. I remembered after we were done crying my mother made my favorite meal, sweet potatoes. After that I went in my room and fell straight to sleep.

Tuesday, August 16, 1780

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! I woke up to a loud boom. I could hear people screaming and gunshots. My mother told me to stay as she checks what’s going on. When she came back she was panicked then that’s when I knew that was happening. The British are here and they are shooting. When I looked out there was a fire at the shoe store where Mr. Raven worked at. The fire spread all over, as I stood there I see people burning up in flames, I was shunned. I never suspected this to happen. My mother grabbed my hand and we both ran out our house which was blazing with fire. All our belongings were burning to ashes. I remember feeling blanked out because I was so shocked. When I came back to myself my mother and I ran, as we ran I could see in the Field where the rebels and British were battling. I saw many of the rebels on the floor, some dead and some hurt. But the one person I didn’t see was my father, I tried to stop to see but my mother held on tight and she told me to keep moving. I yanked my hand from under her and ran to where they were battling. My mother was calling me but I didn’t turn to look back, I ran to where I could see closely to see if I can spot my father. I spotted him and he was really hurt covered with blood all over. I ran to him ducking trying not to get spotted. When I went there he told me to go back but I didn’t, I told him no. I grabbed him trying to pick him up but he was too heavy so I went into action. I took his gun and started shooting back. That was my first time ever shooting and killing people. Then I grabbed my father and dragged him under a tree making sure I didn’t see any Redcoats. People from our town helped me wheel my father in and we took him to the nearest doctor. At first I thought my father wouldn’t make it but he did. I was rejoiced, my mother was crying joyfully but there was still a war out. When looked out the rebels had to fall back so that day all the people in our town had to move somewhere else because the Redcoats took over. We stayed at my aunt, I explained everything that happened. But my mother was still mad because I didn’t listen to her, but later we just laughed it off.

Wednesday, August 17 1780

One of the commander chiefs during the time, George Washington, heard what happened and he came all the way from Philadelphia to see me. When he came the first thing he did was give a speech to the town, in part of his speech he said “Happiness and moral are inseparably connected, to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace”. After he did the speech he asked for me he said how brave i was then he gave me and my family gold and he gave me a badge and he said that I’m officially a soldier and i should come when I’m ready. I was scared but then I realized i should go for my family and i did and i became on of the commanders. My name is Henry Savery here’s my story.

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