Why Novels-in-Verse Are the Best

Let’s talk about novels-in-verse! Young adult novels-in-verse are not as intimidating as they might seem. These books are all kinds of awesome. Usually written in free verse, they provide a one-of-a-kind reading experience. You can find many incredible examples across all genres and topics including sports stories, immigration stories, friendship stories, and everything else under the sun.

Here are a few reasons why reading novels-in-verse is honestly the best.


1. They pack a big punch.

Most novels-in-verse are impossible to forget. With powerful writing and stories that transport you to new worlds, reading one is an adventure unlike any other. These distinctive books will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

A word of advice: keep a box of tissues close by whenever you read a novel-in-verse. They can surprise you with the feels at any moment!

2. They offer a unique and sometimes faster reading experience.

Don’t get us wrong—we love spending days trapped between the covers of a 600-page book. But when you’re in the mood for something on the shorter side, a novel-in-verse is just the thing. You may even find yourself tearing through these pages faster than you imagined. Because of their unique format, they often don’t take as long to read, which means you can squeeze even more books into your day. Best news ever!

3. You’ll get to try something new.

You might be a creature of habit, but even the most predictable humans like to venture outside of their comfort zones sometimes. Reading a novel-in-verse is an enjoyable way to do just that.

Ready to try a few? Here are some fantastic novels-in-verse we think you’ll love.

Chlorine Sky

Chlorine Sky

By Mahogany L. Browne

Best friends forever? Not anymore. When Sky’s best friend ditches her and becomes her biggest bully, she learns how to move on, make new friends, and find her own identity. This novel captures the heartache and pain of growing up and growing apart from your best friend.

Home Is Not a Country

Home Is Not a Country

By Safia Elhillo

On Sale 03.02.21

Have you ever felt out of place? You’re not alone! This novel-in-verse is an emotional story about a girl who doesn’t fit in anywhere. It will break your heart and put it back together again.

The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart

The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart

By R. Zamora Linmark

This novel isn’t written entirely in verse, but it’s sprinkled with the main character’s haikus. Ken Z meets a boy named Ran at the mall food court and falls for him. But when Ran ghosts him, Ken Z must decide between heartache and taking a chance on love. If you’re a fan of Adam Silvera, you’ll love this novel!

The Realm of Possibility

The Realm of Possibility

By David Levithan

If you already love David Levithan’s amazing Every Day and Dash & Lily series, this is a good book to check out. This novel explores the ups and downs of first love and high school. You’ll get pulled into the characters’ lives, heartaches, and triumphs.


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