Books to Read this Summer: Binge-worthy YA Series

There’s nothing better than discovering a complete young adult book series to binge-read all at once.

And summer vacation is the perfect time to plunge headfirst into YA novels and not come up for air until absolutely necessary.

These captivating YA book series are all complete or nearly complete, so there’s no waiting for the next book to come out. When you finish one book in the series, you can toss it aside (or lovingly place it on your shelf) and grab the next one. Rinse and repeat until you’ve binged them all this summer!

And I Darken Historical Fantasy Series for Teens by Kiersten White

Go back in time and experience the glory and tragedy of the Ottoman Empire. This gender-swapped YA book series is a sweeping saga of war, love, and ambition. With all three books now available in paperback, it’s ideal for road trips, days at the beach, or afternoons by the pool. Start here with book one!

And I Darken

And I Darken

By Kiersten White

The New York Times Bestseller!

“Absolutely riveting.” —Alexandra Bracken, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Darkest Minds

This vividly rendered novel reads like HBO’s Game of Thrones . . . if it were set in the Ottoman Empire. Ambitious in scope and intimate in execution, the story’s atmospheric setting is rife with political intrigue, with ...

Illuminae Files YA Sci-Fi Book Series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Romance, war, and space travel—oh my! Get lost among the stars with this epic trilogy from two incredible YA authors. Told through documents, messages, and interviews, this teen series will keep you reading nonstop for days. You’re welcome.



By Jay Kristoff

“It certainly filled the Battlestar Galactica–shaped hole in my heart.” Victoria Aveyard, bestselling author of The Red Queen
Read the New York Times bestselling blockbuster that critics are calling “out-of-this-world awesome.” The first in an epic sci-fi series unlike anything else out there.
Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the wor...

Blood Rose Rebellion Young Adult Historical Fantasy Series by Rosalyn Eves

The Blood Rose Rebellion trilogy will transport you to another time and place, full of magic, scandal, and adventure. Set in an alternate 1850s Hungary, this YA book series is about a girl named Anna who is exiled for her inability to perform magic and her astonishing ability to break it.

Blood Rose Rebellion

Blood Rose Rebellion

By Rosalyn Eves

"A magical tale unlike anything you've read before." Bustle

"[A] richly imagined 19th-century historical fantasy." EW, A-

The thrilling first book in a YA fantasy trilogy for fans of
Red Queen. In a world where social prestige derives from a trifecta of blood, money, and magic, one girl has the ability to break the spell that holds the social order in place.


Nyxia Triad Young Adult Science Fiction Series by Scott Reintgen

If you really want to escape to another world this summer, pick up the Nyxia Triad book series. A corporation recruits a group of teens to mine a volatile substance on another planet. Jam-packed with competition, conspiracy, danger, and thrills, this YA series will hook you from page one.



By Scott Reintgen

“A high-octane thriller . . . Nyxia grabs you from the first line and never lets go.” —Marie Lu, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Warcross

Every life has a price in this sci-fi thriller—the first in a trilogy—that has the nonstop action of The Maze Runner and the high-stakes space setting of Illuminae
What w...

DC Icons Super Hero Book Series

Super hero lovers, unite! These YA books reveal how your favorite super heroes came of age and transformed into the legends you adore. From secret islands to the high-rises of Gotham City, you’ll be swept away by each of these origin stories. You can start with Superman: Dawnbreaker or pick your favorite super hero. Find them here.

Superman: Dawnbreaker

Superman: Dawnbreaker

By Matt de la Peña


Don't miss the coming-of-age story of the world's first super hero, SUPERMAN, from Newbery award-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author MATT DE LA PEÑA.

"In his brilliant take on Superman, de la Peña shows us that there's a chance we'll all need to step up like Clark Kent--with or without a cape." --Jason Reynolds, New York Times<...

Caraval Fantasy Book Series by Stephanie Garber

Adventure, romance, sisterhood, and the greatest game ever played—this teen series has everything you need to escape from reality. Join Tella and her sister Scarlet as they become enmeshed in the thrilling and dangerous game of Caraval.



By Stephanie Garber

Last Reality Young Adult Sci-Fi, Thriller Book Series by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Get ready to jump into a bizarre story where video games and reality intersect. When Simon’s best friend becomes a test-subject for a powerful company’s new virtual reality game, he has to dive deep into the game to rescue her. Binge-read the first two books in this high-speed thriller before the third book hits shelves in November.



By Kirsten Miller

“Full of high stakes, thrillers, and fantastic twists and turns, fans of Ready Player One are sure to love this addictive read.” —BuzzFeed

“A potent commentary on how much we’re willing to give up to the lure of technology.” —EW
"A fantastic journey from start to finish." —Hypable

New York Times...


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